22 February 2011

TUCP Presents:

Thank God It's Mardi Gras!!!
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Tulane University Campus Programming (TUCP) has truly stepped up its musical game this year. Free music on campus has begun to really put Tulane on the map. Booked by art/official's own Aaron Saltzman, Tulane has seen a plethora of amazing up and coming acts. Opening the school year, rising European pop star Japayork graced the campus with one sexy dance set. Not two months later Dr. Dog, The Local Natives, and the Ruby Suns were here, all playing FREE SHOWS!

Well the new semester has just begun, and Tulane University Campus Programming has much more in store for the city of New Orleans. Thank God It's Mardi Gras is the annual concert thrown as a celebration of the start of the holiday season. Past performances have included many big names in brass from around the city. This year things will be a little different for the event. Working tirelessly for the past few months Saltzman has booked an unbelievable line-up of some of New Orlean's hottest up and coming acts. You can see the line-up above, but here we are going to give you a short run down of what each of these acts are about.We have included a track from each act that you are free to listen to and download (right click + "save as"). If you like what you hear there are loads more tracks from each act on the web!

The Generationals:
The Generationals are by far New Orleans hottest indie act. Their hit "When They Fight, They Fight" gained the band national recognition when it was featured in a 2009 Bloomingdale's holiday commercial. Their sound is reminiscent of a 60s pop, with a great summer twist. As the weather begins to warm up hear in New Orleans, The Generationals are sure to be the perfect soundtrack to welcome the springtime.


When Aaron first told me about Jean-Eric, he did so cautiously--but his caution was unfounded. OF COURSE I would like two hot kids, one flamboyant man, Frank, and his adorable companion Karen shout-rapping dirty-in-a-good-way catchy lyrics over the extremely talented and frantically punk-tribal drumming of Brad Davis. There's also their enigmatic hype-woman Shelia, whose job is to get the crowd's emotions up. If nymphomania is an emotion, that is.

Note: Jean-Eric is one of those bands that you have to see live to truly understand. So besides including a free track below, I've included a video of them live at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans
Jean-Eric - Better Than Good

Big History:

Big History is so good it's embarrassing. I remember seeing vocalist Meg Roussel at the Yellow Moon about a year and a half ago and being jealous of her talent, and I don't even care for folk music. Little did I know Matt Glynn would recruit her to be the strong, soulful compliment to his delicate, wispy dream-pop. Seriously, check out the track "Every Bone" and tell me you don't get the creeping feeling of despair that you will never do something that good in your entire life. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but probably not.

Sun Hotel:
Sun Hotel is one of the quickest up and coming student bands in the city. Hailing from Loyola University, these indie rockers have recently played both The Republic and the Howlin' Wolf, drawing large crowds of admiring fans. For a little while they even toured with the other titan of NOLA student indie rock, Caddywhompus. If you haven't gotten a chance to see them perform yet, now is the time.
Sun Hotel - Suburb

Booty Trove:
Booty Trove isn't like all the other brass bands in the city. They're what we call "different." Do you like Outkast? So does Booty Trove. Expect a plethora of originals and covers to begin this unbelievable lineup.
Booty Trove - Salsa Sauce

It gets better. Between each act will be a performance by some of the cities sexiest and most danceable DJs!!

Christoph Andersson:
Christoph has begun to make a lot of noise on the blogosphere riding with the rising tide of the disco resurgence. There's no doubt that Christoph is ahead of the game. When his fist single "Tuxedo," hit the web, his popularity exploded. We have covered all his music released thus far. We've been covering him for a while, so feel free to search our site for more coverage on this producer, or check out his soundcloud.
Christoph Andersson - Tuxedo

ART/OFFICIAL:That's us. Anything from LCD Soundsystem to La Roux from Hot Chip to Beastie Boys Ice Cube/CFCF maships. All the tracks to shake your rump to, or so the saying goes. This will be a taste of our party that same night (starting after the festival at 11pm) at the Saturn Bar, YOUNG AND SICK~ A DANCE PARTY!

The Spectacle:
The Spectacle AKA Euan Patrick Wallace is both DJ and producer. He will be playing his mix of disco/electro beats to help warm up the night. With his music he hopes to inspire revolution!
The Spectacle - Vaulted Tombs

Tentative Schedule:
Booty Trove: 6-6:40
The Spectacle: 6:40-7
Sun Hotel: 7-7:40
Big History: 8-8:40
Christoph Andersson: 8:40-9
Jean-Eric: 9-9:40
Christoph Andersson: 9:40-10
The Generationals: 10-11

There you have it folks! This festival is bound to put Tulane on the map as being a home to up and coming music in New Orleans. Head over to http://www.tucp.net/ for more information on upcoming events including but not limited to music, speakers, films, and more! To RSVP to the event on facebook click here! A special thanks is extended to the members of the TUCP board for allowing us to sponsor this great event. See you all Friday!!!

Lots of love,


Content by Aaron Saltzman and Jeffery Silberman
Edited by Jeffery Silberman
Compiled by Aaron Saltzman
Music and Videos Compliments of the Bands


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