19 August 2011

[new] The Weeknd - Thursday

And here it is, the follow-up to House of Balloons. Go ahead and download fo free over at The Weeknd's website...all of your friends already have.

16 August 2011

[album teaser] Wilco - The Whole Love

The Whole Love, The ninth studio album from indie americana heroes Wilco will be released on September 27's via the band's own new label, dBpm Records. "Album Teasers" having been popping up more and more recently, and I think they definitely are a cool way to get excited about a new release. Nels Cline shredding, Glenn Kotche slamming the skins, Jeff Tweedy's familiar voice, and some crazy electronic experimentation...sign me up. Check out The Whole Love's teaser below:

[video] The National - "Exile Vilify"

Last week a winner was named in the video contest held for The National's recent track "Exile Vilify," which was used in the video game Portal 2. The song came out back in April as part of a few post-High Violet murmurs we've been getting from the Brooklyn brooders. The video follows around a saddened sock and its forlorn hooded puppetmaster through some pretty breathtaking scenery. The characteristic heart-in-stomach feeling that consumes you as a result of most of The National's exquisite catalog takes no vacation here. Watch below:

15 August 2011

balam acabs first LP- WANDER/WONDER

I wanted to wait until the release date was fairly close to say a few words on the new material from Pennsylvania resident Alec Koone, aka Balam Acab. In exactly 2 weeks he will indulge us in the first full length LP of his career entitled WANDER/WONDER. Last years See Birds EP was groundbreaking, walking all over the bounds of a vast array of genres, but never seeming to overstep and fully give into one particular sound. The distant beats gained him major hype on the bloggernet world and beyond, selling out represses of the EP(even cd's...). Personally it was on heavy rotation in my listening for a hot minute. New tunes don't disappoint, in fact they seem to be a continuation of previous sounds, blending construed voices and mangled melodies into something to listen to while floating amongst a moonlit ocean towards nothing and everything. It was produced by Koone, and mixed with help from Sam Haar(from Blondes), and will drop August 29th on Tri Angle Records. Pre-order from Rough Trade Shops here. Check out the latest taste below.

BALAM ACAB - Apart by TriAngleRecords