19 September 2011

[interview] Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich is a breath of fresh air. Providing originality in a world of formulaic monotony, the Wisconsin via New York group plays a unique brand of sincere, lo-fi folk. Their exceptional debut album The Mistress is out now on Barsuk records. Art/Official had the pleasure of having a few questions answered by their frontman, Alex Schaaf. The band is playing TONIGHT at The Parish with The Antlers. Read the interview below, and after that watch the band's video for their song "Whale."

What’s the story behind Yellow Ostrich? Where do you come from, how did the band meet, why not Purple Ostrich?

I moved to NYC from Wisconsin about a year ago. Then I got the other two guys to join up, and we've been going strong since then. Purple was already taken.

Your implementation of vocals as accomplishing more than just singing lyrics – i.e. badass vocal layering – is remarkable. How did you arrive at that approach?

Thanks. I did it for The Mistress just as a sort of experiment/exercise, to see if I could use vocals in a more percussive, structural way as compared to harmonies and "prettiness." I think they function in both ways on the album, but I started by working with putting my vocals through a loop pedal and seeing what I came up with.

The drumming in your music is especially noteworthy. I don’t know that I ever heard a standard four on the floor beat or anything like that. What’s the inspiration for it? What are you trying to accomplish with it?

Michael is the drummer now, so I can't speak for the inspiration behind the current drumming; but I think we share most of the same sentiments. In terms of the drumming on The Mistress (which is done by both Michael and I, along with my friend Alex Bunke), I was just looking for something raw and primal, where every element of the beat was essential and effective, and there wasn't a lot of extra stuff around the edges. I think Michael has said something to the effect of "If you're just playing a four on the floor beat, you aren't really playing anything at all", and i definitely agree with that sentiment. If there are going to be drums there, then they should be interesting rather than just standing there and doing what drums are "supposed" to do in a certain situation.

You guys have a knack of doing a lot with a little in your music. What’s your song writing/construction process like? How has it evolved as the band has gained members?

For the Mistress I wrote everything myself, and did most of the recording myself. It was a lot of construction by vocal loop, where I would start the song with some random vocal loop, and build from there. With the full band now, it's become a more collaborative process. I'm still writing the main structure of the songs, with the lyrics/melodies/chords, but then it comes into the room and gets fleshed out in terms of arrangements and it goes to a different place than if it was just me doing it.

I read that you studied at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. How much of a classical influence makes it into Yellow Ostrich music?

There's not a whole lot of overt classical influence, since I was never a big classical guy. I wasn't a big jazz guy either, I'm still not sure how i managed to get a degree from a Conservatory, but I'm just into learning about lots of different kinds of music, and hopefully those things seep into my music without thinking about it.

I also read where you recently relocated from Wisconsin to New York – quite a change of scenery. Have you found that move has changed your creative process at all?

It's definitely effected my creative process, but I think that has less to do with the location and more to do with my life now. Before I moved to NY I was in school, and I had lots of time to sit around and write songs and record them. Now I've got a day job and we are starting to tour a lot and we practice all the time, so there's less time in the day to write new stuff. So it's just become a challenge to figure out a new way that I can write, and where I can squeeze it in.

What kind of connection do you seek to make with your listeners/audience?

I don't consciously try and make a connection with anyone, obviously I hope that I do, but it's not really something you can consciously work for. I think the main thing is to just be honest -- people recognize honesty and connect to that, rather than trying to be something you aren't in order to connect with a different group of people.

How does a live show differ from what we hear on the record?

The live show is much bigger and heavier, now that we have three people in the band. It's become a lot less light and poppy like the album, and more crunchy and raw. Which is fun.

What about Morgan Freeman inspired your Morgan Freeman EP?

His Wikipedia page seemed interesting enough; the part about the relationship with the step-granddaughter was really the clincher. When I saw that I knew I had my man.

Have you guys been to New Orleans before?

We played there back in March, I don't even remember where we played. But no one came. So hopefully this will be a better show. I really liked the city though, that was the first time I had ever been there. We went to the French Quarter and did touristy things, hopefully this time we'll have time to see more of the city.

You guys were recently signed to the venerable Barsuk Records. Can you tell us a little bit about how that relationship was forged?

They got into contact very early on, back in December. We waited for a while to make a final decision on a label, but they remained totally enthusiastic throughout, so that was really the clincher.

What's next for Yellow Ostrich?

We'll be touring a lot for the rest of the year, and probably early next year. New stuff is being worked on, hopefully it sees the light of day sometime soon.

15 September 2011

[preview] Young Jesus // Pals // Gold and the Rush @ Café Prytania

first things first, we are extremely sorry about the absurd delay of the new site launch. we are dedicated to delivering the best possible result, and consequently, we have hit a few bumps in the road. But fear not! IT WILL BE UP THIS WEEKEND, WE PROMISE. fresh, original content coming your way asap! onto the show preview...

With roots in Chicago and New Orleans, Young Jesus is starting to turn a few heads. Their bold brand of reverby brood rock n roll delivers. Heartfelt lyrics, engaging song structure, and strong instrumentation characterize their music. There's a sense of urgency within Young Jesus that begs multiple listens. Influenced by The National, The Hold Steady, Titus Andronicus, and others. 

Stream their EP Young, Innocent, and Hairy below, and download it for free at www.whoisyoungjesus.com

New Orleans based indie beach folk. 

This is only Gold and the Rush's second show ever, but from hearing them, you'd never guess it. The four piece plays tight and rollicking alt-country. Pulling members from LA, Dallas, Memphis, and DC, G&TR takes a spectrum of experience and influence and constructs it into a well-oiled, dusty machine. Jake McGregor (formerly of Coyotes) fronts a talented band with a bright future. 

02 September 2011

art/official presents: A SKETCHY PARTY! (in the Bywater)

We are back, and better than ever! ARTOFCL.COM is about to relaunch with a layout optimized for brining New Orleans the best and most up to date content on everything New Orleans. To celebrate we are throwing our first monthly dance party at our new home SIBERIA (2227 St. Claude).

If you haven't been before, it's right across the street from The Allways Longue, right by the Hi-Ho.

This one is bound to be a sloppy mess (per usual). Bring your best dancing shoes, and craziest costumes. 

As always we will be playing the best in indie-dance to disco, hip-hop to pop!

The dance party starts around 11pm, but get there early to check out the early evening live sets by:


$5 on the door. 18+

Keep an eye out for the new site soon! See you at the party or else we'll have that lady from the flyer hunt you down.

---Your friends from art/official

RSVP Herehttp://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=169037899841356

$$$ Email us at artofcl@gmail.com if you wanna free ticket! $$$

28 August 2011

Blessed Wrongly Accused

I am still here; I am not what they say.
Threadbare bars make for easy escape.
And so begins the dash at daybreak.
Less said for structure, more for my own integrity,
as well as Sara's sake.

This plan unknown is unfurling into time.
Run faster man, distance this town's bell,
its gaudy chimes. Run for Sara.

God has no time,
for only one, not the other,
is on my side.

What follows me is not an army of cherubs,
but a posse of full-grown ignorance.
Run for Sara.

It is sinful to be an animal like this;
I am the fastest man living.
The trees look at me without faces. I read them:
"You are arriving."

The forest floor is damp quiet with leaves,
& this forest air is abreast to a stench
that I do not wish to breath.
I want the ocean's.
I run for Sara.

Night falls without pause
as pines whisper behind my back
that I've gone nowhere.
Clothes left long ago say otherwise,
as I fly, naked, stark bare.
I run for Sara.

But I am a man-- bone, blood, & flesh.
I have my limits
pushed into the margins.
A godling; anything?
"I run for Sara."
The call is heard.
There is a washing, a light, power either returned or remained.
I run still for Sara.
I've reached the coast.
I've reached what I love most.
I ran for Sara.

27 August 2011

New Purity Ring track

Short and sweet, new Purity Ring track. This group has an ability to consecutively blow me away, sparsely releasing a track every few months, titillating the expectations of fans so perfectly that I couldn't have it any other way. Catch them live in the next few months with Com Truise in the USA. New track below entitled "Belispeak". Fuck. Yes.

24 August 2011

21 August 2011

[video] Big History - WARDRUM

Check out this incredible stop motion video by Big History for their first single "WARDRUM." Truly amazing!

Lots of love,


19 August 2011

[new] The Weeknd - Thursday

And here it is, the follow-up to House of Balloons. Go ahead and download fo free over at The Weeknd's website...all of your friends already have.

16 August 2011

[album teaser] Wilco - The Whole Love

The Whole Love, The ninth studio album from indie americana heroes Wilco will be released on September 27's via the band's own new label, dBpm Records. "Album Teasers" having been popping up more and more recently, and I think they definitely are a cool way to get excited about a new release. Nels Cline shredding, Glenn Kotche slamming the skins, Jeff Tweedy's familiar voice, and some crazy electronic experimentation...sign me up. Check out The Whole Love's teaser below:

[video] The National - "Exile Vilify"

Last week a winner was named in the video contest held for The National's recent track "Exile Vilify," which was used in the video game Portal 2. The song came out back in April as part of a few post-High Violet murmurs we've been getting from the Brooklyn brooders. The video follows around a saddened sock and its forlorn hooded puppetmaster through some pretty breathtaking scenery. The characteristic heart-in-stomach feeling that consumes you as a result of most of The National's exquisite catalog takes no vacation here. Watch below:

15 August 2011

balam acabs first LP- WANDER/WONDER

I wanted to wait until the release date was fairly close to say a few words on the new material from Pennsylvania resident Alec Koone, aka Balam Acab. In exactly 2 weeks he will indulge us in the first full length LP of his career entitled WANDER/WONDER. Last years See Birds EP was groundbreaking, walking all over the bounds of a vast array of genres, but never seeming to overstep and fully give into one particular sound. The distant beats gained him major hype on the bloggernet world and beyond, selling out represses of the EP(even cd's...). Personally it was on heavy rotation in my listening for a hot minute. New tunes don't disappoint, in fact they seem to be a continuation of previous sounds, blending construed voices and mangled melodies into something to listen to while floating amongst a moonlit ocean towards nothing and everything. It was produced by Koone, and mixed with help from Sam Haar(from Blondes), and will drop August 29th on Tri Angle Records. Pre-order from Rough Trade Shops here. Check out the latest taste below.

BALAM ACAB - Apart by TriAngleRecords

04 August 2011

[new] LIGHTS - "Everybody Breaks a Glass"

I’ve been a fan of the sweet sounds of Canadian synth-pop musician LIGHTS since I first heard her debut album The Listening in 2009. "Everybody Breaks a Glass," the lead single off her forthcoming second studio album, featuring Canadian rapper Shad, has me really impressed. Holy Fuck, who produced the track, added the bass I expect from The Weeknd to LIGHTS’ sugary electro style. With hopes that more treats like this are in store, I’m truly looking forward to the new album.

Check out “Everybody Breaks a Glass” in this comic-inspired lyric video.

02 August 2011

[new] Four Tet - "Locked"

Yesterday we heard Four Tet's remix of Radiohead's track "Separator," (see below post) and today we're treated with a new track that's all his own. London's famed electronic club Fabric has been releasing tracks and compilations from emerging and established producers since 2001, and "Locked" is their newest installment. The song definitely bears Four Tet's mark, boasting inventive layering, interesting samples, and an attention-grabbing listenability. "Locked" is quite mellow and spacey, perfect for summer heat stupors. The vinyl single will be available from Fabric's label on October 18 in the US.

01 August 2011

[new] Radiohead Remixes

Three more remixes from Radiohead's latest album The King of Limbs have surfaced, especially notable of which if organic Brit producer Four Tet's expansive take on standout track "Separator." Stream all three below:

24 July 2011

[new] When the Night Falls---- (Breakbot Remix)

As I continue to send out many emails to other blogs about how great the new Big History track is, I have stumbled upon all sorts of new music. This track caught my ear. I laughed for about two minutes, and danced in my seat for the next three.

The track is taken off the "Business Casual LP," which is a tag team project between Chromeo's Dave-1 and Solange Knowles (Beyonce's younger sister). This version is a remix by one of my favorite disco producers, Breakbot!

Get in a cheesy mood, throw on your favorite dancing shoes, and hit play.

Lots of love,



22 July 2011

[video] neon indian-"heart: decay"


above is a video filmed by sean lopez in helsinki for the song "heart: decay" by neon indian. the track is part of a three piece instrumental movement that will appear on the upcoming album Era Extraña which is set for release on september 13 of this year.


[new] Pretty Lights- Country Roads

I think I'm supposed to be too cool (?) to be posting tracks by Pretty Lights. Although when a hit like this crosses my path, I can't deprive my readers of it. Here is Pretty Lights doing a remix of John Denver's "Country Roads." When I hear a track like this, I am reminded why an old favorite of mine has become one of the most popular producers in America at the moment. Enjoy.

Lots of love,



[new] woods - "find them empty"

earlier this week one of my favorite indie pop lo-fi outfits released a new single, including two tracks which did not appear on their recent full-length release sun and shade. the a-side to this 7" release, "find them empty," finds jeremy earl abandoning his typically (extremely) high register falsetto for a more relaxed and easy approach.
arguably the best thing about this single is the album art, featuring one of the bands friends with his father and a young but promising pot plant.
don't miss woods at the blue nile this august 6.

[new] girls - vomit

america's favorite apathetic indie stars are back with "vomit," the first taste of their upcoming release Father, Son, Holy Ghost, which will drop september 9 via true panther records.


[video]: battles - "ice cream"

we're a little late on this one but honestly, who cares? after all, it has been one of this seasons better songs. and while the video seems a bit reminiscent of last years incredible "bombay" video (by el guincho), anything with naked girls licking ice cream in a bathtub is all right with me.


21 July 2011

[new] Big History- WARDRUM


ART/OFFICIAL is proud to once again bring you an exclusive release. This time around, its from our favorite local act "Big History!" In case you don't know them already, check out our spotlight here.

In the past few weeks, Big History has been up to something. Their facebook has drastically changed, their songs have disappeared from virtually everywhere, and from the image above... Meg got really long hair.

What is going on here? Who cares, because their first release since these changes is incredible. If you have had a chance to see Big History live, you probably have heard this one. Although this final version has a couple tricks up it's sleeve to ensure maximal rump shaking. Without further ado, we give you WARDRUM!

WARDRUM by BigHistoryMusic

For more Big History and a free download of the track head over to: facebook.com/bighistorymusic and "like" the page.

Lots of love,



17 July 2011

[new] Young & Sick - Room 48

young-&-sick-room-48 (1)

Here at art/official we have been taking things a bit slow. Really we are all just ripe with anticipation. The official relaunch of the site is just around the corner, and we can't tell you how excited we are for this. The site will look very different, but we are working towards a very professional design to optimize the amount of content and information we can deliver to our readers.

In the meantime, check out this new track sent to us via Young & Sick. I wish I had more information to give you on the artist, but not much is known at this point. I would like to call it R&B//Post-Dubstep (???). Maybe The Weeknd meets James Blake?

I am proud to give you a first listen here at art/official.

Check out the facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/youngandsick
If you "like" the page, you can download the track!

Lots of love,



13 July 2011

[new] real estate - it's real

my favorite jersey boys are back, doing what they do best: crafting delightfully understated guitar beach-pop. and just in time for their pitchfork festival after party show this sunday where i will luckily be - oh, happy days. "it's real" is the first single from the bands upcoming full-length sophomore album, days, which is set for release on october 18.


12 July 2011

panda bear on jimmy fallon

you did it panda, your the best! sonic boom with the assist.

11 July 2011

[new] Generationals - Medium Rarities EP (free download)

New Orleans sun-soaked indie rockers Generationals made some waves with their album Actor-Caster earlier this year via Park The Van, and now they're following that up with a free patchwork EP. Medium Rarities consists of a spacy new song "You Got Me," an alternate take on the album version of "Greenleaf," and two remixes. Stream and download it all using the widget below:

08 July 2011

[new] The Tallest Man On Earth - "Weather of a Killing Kind"

Another song from Swedish singer-songwriter The Tallest Man On Earth has surfaced via the Adult Swim Singles Program (not an online dating site). "Weather of a Killing Kind" is characteristic of TTMOE's nouveau-Dylan earnest folk. Stream the track below, and head over to the Adult Swim site to download it (available Tuesday 7/12) and check out other tracks from the series.

07 July 2011

[meet] Youth Lagoon

"So I started writing these songs. Not just songs about my anxiety, but about my past and my present. Songs about memories, and all those feelings that those bring. I know that if I can be honest about what is inside my mind, there will be others that will be able to relate to it."

Those are the words that made me click play on these songs. Boise-native Trevor Powers' bedroom project Youth Lagoon isn't just another bedroom project. Within the lo-fi dreaminess of his delicately layered, subtly catchy tracks, you can feel raw 22-year old emotions. Youth Lagoon has just been signed to the venerable Oxford, MS label Fat Possum, on which his debut album The Year Of Hibernation will be released September 27. Stream the track "Montana" presumably from said album, and check out some of Youth Lagoon's other material below:

05 July 2011

[first listen] Royal Teeth - Act Naturally EP

Art/Official has gotten a sneak preview of New Orleans/LaFayette band Royal Teeth's forthcoming Act Naturally EP. The sextet crafts bouncy, yet emotional dance pop. Sincerity manages to shine through a thick coating of production. Charming male & female back-and-forth vocals complement uplifting, almost arena-ready instrumentation. At times, Royal Teeth sound like a welcome combination of your favorite 7th grade emo band and some of today's indie dance mainstays.

The EP opens with the soaring declarations of "For Keeps," followed by the slow-build of "Heartbeats." Next come the angular, latin-esque hooks of "My Donna." The EP slows just a little bit with the consistent "Waste Your Body On Me," before ending on its strongest track, "Wild," a convincing dance anthem with an organic catchiness.

This kind of music is meant to be heard live, coming directly from the source. Royal Teeth are holding their EP release show at The Republic in New Orleans on July 15 and Grant Street in LaFayette on July 16. Check out their >facebook page for more info. Below, check out "Heartbeats" below :

30 June 2011

[new] Dom - "Damn"

Mischievous indie poppers Dom have released a song from their forthcoming EP Family of Love, out August 9 via Astralwerks. "Damn" is sunny, fuzzy, and perfect for summertime. Enjoy it below:

28 June 2011

[new] bjork - crystalline

below is the first single from the icelandic superstar bjork's forthcoming album, Biophilia, a multi-media LP that will be released track-by-track via iPad applications (how interesting!), exploring the ancient relationship shared between sound and nature.
the single, which is apparently set for official release on 6/30, features everything we know and love bjork for. glitchy electronic percussive production accumulates bass as the track progresses while bjork's falsetto vocals soar.


25 June 2011

[video] Y△CHT - "Utopia and Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)

I had the pleasure of spending a little time with YCHT back in April when they played on Tulane's campus. They are truly unique and interesting people. Sometimes you encounter someone, and you just get this overwhelming, instinctual feeling that they are actually from the future. This is how I felt with Y△CHT. In addition to their insightful electro-pop, the Oregon band also freely shares their philosophy on life.

Watch the video below for a glimpse into their world. It's a short film/double music video directed by Rene Daalder for the tracks "Utopia" and "Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)" from their new album Shangri-La, freshly out from James Murphy's DFA Records.

24 June 2011

[video] Explosions in the Sky - "Last Known Surroundings"

Austin, TX ambient post-rock favorites Explosions In The Sky have been around for 12 years, and today, they released their first EVER music video. It's for the track "Last Known Surroundings" from their excellent new album Take Care, Take Care, Take Care.

In their own words: it was made by some close friends of ours, mr. david hobizal and ms. sissy emmons and Ptarmak (which is the name of the company they work for). it took them months and months of solid work and we couldn't be more pleased with their finished product. we intend to get a few more videos made by some other friends and film makers over the next few months, but we hope that you enjoy this 1st outing as much as we do.

The visuals are truly stunning. Enjoy it below:

Visual Art: James Barsness at Arthur Roger Gallery

     This post-modern body of work utilizes traditional elements of Christianity, Buddhism and folklore to face contemporary issues of obscenity, feminism, cultural trends and consumerism.  "My art partly has to do with my crackpot ideas about life and living," says Barsness in an interview with Hard Press Editions. "I'm interested in how groups of people interact in a continuous environment like a town. It's primarily about the suppression of our natural interests for the good of the whole. I think it's that moment of suppression that initiates much of our creative energy."  
   The statement certainly rings true for this exhibit.  The imagery and themes are wildly creative, playful, and whimsical.  In his artist statement, Barsness says that his complex compositions are influenced by Breughel, Bosch, R.J. Crumb, Tibetan sacred painting and the artistic traditions of Thailand, India and Ireland.
    These eight paintings featured at Arthur Roger Gallery
last month have the similar formal components of highly stylized figure treatment and nature motif. Barsness uses intricate dot patterns and lines to create elaborate geometric forms that are not necessarily visible until the viewer gets close. These patterns and the wide color palette compose grotesque, animalistic figures that explore human behavior and desires in terms of contemporary values of pop culture and consumerism. The strongest part of this exhibit is Barsness’ captivating style; the ornate details absorb and captivate.
-Article by Emily Yonker
-Photos from Arthurrogergallery.com on 6/24/11

23 June 2011

Kreayshawn collab in Murdered in Memphis tape

art by ela orleans and carl clandestine

I did a post back in February about Kreayshawn and her underground hit "Bumpin, Bumpin". Now it seems everyone has heard at least something from the Bays baddest bitches of the WhiteGirlMob. With overnight fame(seriously) resulting from her recently acquired deal with Columbia, you could say things are looking rather shiny and glossy for her, just like her swagged out nails. Natassia has definitely had a lot of activity on her platter, what with sparse shows through LA/SF and working on new material. Included in that is her contribution to Murdered in Memphis presented by Nattymari, a tribute to gritty original Memphis songs of the 90's. She is joined by mob sister V-Na$ty, as well as an array of other artists such as OG Nery, Young Hawaii Slim, Jay Ugh, Gata, and Alexander Spit. Old school loops and scratchy sounding goodness is making this look rather promising, in terms of a tribute tape. Side B is exclusive to the tape and is all material warped by Nattymari. It's going to be co released by the ultra rad Clan Destine records and Мишка , with a scheduled release date/shipping somewhere around late July. The clear cassettes are limited to just 100 copies and wont last long I'm sure. Pre-order one from here and check out a few tracks below.

21 June 2011

[new] washed out - amor fati

the second single for one of this years most anticipated albums was made public today. you can always tell that a specific topic is making it's way into the mainstream when it becomes the satirical target of a southpark episode. it must've been fate for chillwave to make it this far and earnest greene knows that - amor fati can be translated from latin as the love of fate. enjoy.

20 June 2011

[gig review] Beirut @ Republic


Last Friday, June 10, 2011, Beirut graced New Orleans with a smashing performance at Republic. Avid fans packed into every nook and cranny that space within the venue could offer. Waves of excitement rippled throughout the crowd as they waited in anticipation for Beirut to take the stage. The diversity of the crowd alone demonstrated the group's widespread popularity—indeed, the audience consisted of a relatively even balance of young and middle aged individuals, all of whom were equally excited for the show.

Beirut, a world class act, draws a wide range of musical influences into a powerful blend of Balkan and Eastern European folk music with Indie rock. Beirut's front man, Zach Condon, formulated the group's distinct musical style at the age of seventeen. While visiting his cousin in Europe, he began to develop a keen interest in various Balkan musicians such as guitarist and band leader Goran Bregovic and trumpeter Boban Markovic. During Condon's musical exploration at this age, he wrote the song which was later to become Beirut's new single, “East Harlem.” This song is one of many to appear on their new album The Rip Tide, which is to be released on August 30, 2011.

In some respects, the release of “East Harlem” can be viewed as a rejuvenation of Beirut as well as a new stage in Condon's career. The supporting band sports a new line up with Perrin Cloutier on accordion and cello, Nick Petree on drums and percussion, Paul Collins on electric and upright bass, Kelly Pratt on trumpet, french horn, and glockenspiel, and Ben Lanz on trombone and tuba.

The night before the show, Paul Collins gave a DJ set at The Saint. I had the chance to speak with him briefly and he expressed excitement over the next night's show. “It's a really good set—we've been working really hard on it. I hope you'll enjoy it,” he said. His words held true in every respect.

Beirut began their set with the song “The Concubine” from March of the Zapotec/Holland EP sparking an exultant response from the crowd. After the initial excitement the crowd's banter lulled to a hush, allowing the musicians to flood the silence with the rich sound of their instruments. Almost immediately, the music invoked a profound sense of happiness and elation throughout the audience. They followed the opening song with “Elephant Gun,” and the crowd’s initial awe gave way to a contagious urge to dance.

On almost every song, the crowd would begin to clap along with the band until heavy percussion signaled the climax of the song. The energy of the audience fueled the group to play louder and more intensely. During the group's performance of “Nantes,” from their album The Flying Cup Club, parts of the crowd broke out into a mosh pit.

The muggy New Orleans summer weather—accompanied in full force with the heat generated by the crowd—drenched the band members in sweat. At one point in the show, Zach Condon commented, “this is definitely the hottest show we've ever played!” Despite the swelter and unbearable crowding, individuals were polite and friendly. We were simply grateful to share the experience with one another.

Beirut ended their set with “Elephant Gun,” placing a particular emphasis on the material in their upcoming album. After finishing the song, they were immediately egged back on stage by the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd. Their encore, however, was not limited to a measly one or two songs. The audience called Beirut back to the stage four times! By the end of the show, the energy of the performers and the crowd had escalated into a mutually ecstatic frenzy.

- Article written by Euan Wallace
- All photographs by Joshua Brasted

For more pictures from the show,
check out Joshua's Flickr.

17 June 2011

[new] NewVillager

With the rise of blogs on the net, the industry surrounding the arts has gotten immensely competitive. Everyone is a critic. Emerging artists must really make a point to set themselves apart. In the case of musical act NewVillager [IAMSOUND RECORDS], they have done a great job. Musicans, authors, sculptors, painters, and film makers, NewVillager works to create more than just a musical experience.

Past live shows have included a performance in which the band moved through ten art installations with thirty people in tow playing a game they created in an effort to demonstrate what they call their mythology. The first video below is the product of this "game."

It all sounds pretty bizarre. It certainly doesn't clear things up when I tell you they describe their music as Psychedelic/R&B/Chinese Pop. Regardless, give it a listen. It really is very very good!

Here is another track I really enjoy by NewVillager.

For more information and tracks, head to their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/newvillager

If you happen to be in LA, they will be playing for free at Make Music Pasadena this Saturday. They will also play Bardox on Monday (free with RSVP), and a special multimedia show at the Human Resources gallery in Chinatown on Tuesday.

Lots of love,



Chef for hire?

"I need to stop being in this band, and build a roof-garden in Brooklyn."

The former LCD Soundsystem front discusses his own palette and food theory in extreme and glorious detail.

15 June 2011

James Drake...

Bombé and Mr. Caribbean,
a Philadelphia DJ duo, have created quit the delightful mash-up to my ears. Combining art/official favorite James Blake with critically acclaimed Drake (the title of the mixtape is James Drake), the pair has created a sound described by Mr. Carribean as "… a soundtrack for sippin Robitussun & Alize in an abandoned Cathedral, covered in a velvet blanket with a sexy stranger on a dark night…"

I couldn't agree more. Enjoy.

James Drake Mixtape - Bombé & Mr. Caribbean by Bombé

**If you like what you hear, download the mixtape here!

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[new] Sun Airway: "Wild Palms" b/w "Symphony In White, No. 2"

I would go as far as to say that Sun Airway is my favorite new band. They play an exceptional brand of organic bliss-pop that really hits home with its staunch authenticity. Their debut album, Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier, was one of 2010's hidden gems. Back in March, when the band played our Foburg showcase, Art/Official had the privilege of interviewing the band's talented and polite frontman, Jon Barthmus.

What i'm trying to say here is that they've just put out two new tracks that are undoubtedly worth your time, money, and hardrive real estate. Below stream, download, and check out the unofficial video of the meandering beauty of "Wild Palms." You can also buy the digital 7" from iTunes here, or pre-order the physical wax from Insound here. These guys are the real deal.

[video]: bon iver - calgary

the 2011 self-titled album bon iver is in full swing. check out it's first official video for the track "calgary" below:

14 June 2011

[gig photos] Matt & Kim @ House of Blues NOLA

Wish I could have been there. Here is the evidence it was a blast...

Matt and Kim-9122

Matt and Kim-8286

Matt and Kim-9101

Matt and Kim-8683

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For more pictures from the show,
check out Joshua's Flickr.

[video] White Denim - "Street Joy"

Austin, TX discerning garage-psych four piece have released a video for the track "Street Joy" off their new and noteworthy LP, D. The well-executed video harkens back to a hormone-filled 80's prom to great results. Check it out below:

12 June 2011

Soul grooves for your early mornings...

I know nothing about this man except he calls himself "Tony Touch." I feel that with a name like that, further research isn't even necessary at the moment. If I can recommend anything to our lovely readers this week, listen to this mix! Throw it on during those late nights/early mornings and groove...

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11 June 2011


Art/Official Presents: Citoyens

Art/Official gladly presents a DJ set by producer/DJ Citoyens at the Eiffel Society.
Saturday, June 11 
2040 St. Charles Ave.

Citoyens, a local artist, produces Electro-Clash in the vein of Justice, Daft Punk, and MSTRKRFT. The set will include much of Citoyens' own work, as well as a variety of Electro, House, and Disco tracks.
Eiffel Society is a new gallery, music venue, and bar located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The cover is $10, but if you tell the doorman that you learned of the show from Art/Official, you'll only be charged $5! So get over here and shake your rumps!

Here's a track by Citoyens: Reykjavik by Citoyens