12 May 2011

[new] gang gang dance - eye contact

the new york based experimental electronic act gang gang dance released their fifth studio album on tuesday, and it's a winner folks. the release is brought to you by the spiffy record label 4AD, who also represents other big acts like ariel pink, deerhunter, the national, tUnE-yArDs, and twin shadow. if you haven't already gotten this one, do yourself a favor and get your hands on it immediately via your local record store or itunes (yea right). and check out this awesome psychedelic video for the albums first single, "Mindkilla."

[video] the Weeknd: "What You Need"

check out this very sexy video by one of favorite new acts, the Weeknd, from their debut album House of Balloons.

10 May 2011

[watch/listen] Yellow Ostrich

Earlier today, Seattle indie radio station KEXP posted some great live videos of one of my favorite new bands, Yellow Ostrich. Begun as a solo project by Alex Schaaf, the band has now blossomed into a trio, with Michael Tapper on drums and Jon Natchez on bass and horns. The New York group boasts an incredible layered sound reminiscent of a stripped-down incarnation of Local Natives. Their sentimental angular folk is something you'll come back to time and time again. Check out one of the KEXP videos below, and the rest here.

Also stream and download (pay what you want) their debut album, The Mistress.

teams new LP for pre-order/download

Tropical dance grooves, airy jams, and the rolling LA tides seem to have a great deal of influence on Miami native teams, aka Sean bowie. The coastline, soaking in the sun, and the endless sky come to mind when I listen to the new material, scheduled for release in the latter part of this month. Upbeat, and full of drums, this is a solid release. Dxys Xff, coming out on AMDISCS: Future Reserve Label, drops May 25th. You can support him by pre-ordering the physical release here, and downloading it in it's entirety free of charge from soundcloud below.

teams facebook

Teams 'Dxys Xff' LP 2011 by AMDISCS

[video] EMA - California

petite, cute blonde hipster chicks with a lot of attitude have never been so in. EMA fits that bill and she's oh so twenty-eleven. honestly, i can't decide if i hate it or love it, but it has undeniably provoked some sort of emotion inside of me strong enough to encourage this post, and other people are having it. the south dakota native released her debut album, Past Life Martyred Saints, today, and it's making waves in the underground music world. decide for yourself: