26 November 2010

The National- Expanded High Violet!

I'm just going to say it. The National has been one of my favorite bands for a long long time. I am a complete sucker. Today the band released a reissue of their newest album High Violet. I haven't had a chance to buy it yet, but it includes b-sides, alternate takes, and some live tracks. Below is one of the b-sides from the album. The track Wake Up Your Saints is far more upbeat than the others chosen to be on the original release of the album. Anyways hear it for yourself.

Bedroom Databank vol. 3&4

What can I say. Bradford Cox won't stop. While I was busy being thankful, Bedroom Databanks both three and four were released! So if you liked volumes one and two we posted earlier last week, give these two a listen.

Get them from Deerhunter's blog. Click here!

25 November 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Gobble it up. Drink it down. Thanks for all your support!

Lots of love,


24 November 2010


I am so excited I really am not sure what to do with myself right now. I spent the last year working with and dancing for rising European pop star Japayork. He is incredibly talented and this is for sure the start of a very massive career. His first single "Teenagers" comes out Dec. 5th via Popjustice Hi-Fi. On that date I will have a lovely artist spotlight on him with all sorts of fun stuff for you guys. Until then check out the brand new video for the single and pass it along to all your friends!!!

Japayork - Teenagers from Bullion Productions on Vimeo.

Also if you would like to pre-order the 7" from Rough Trade click here! The poster that comes with it alone is worth the money... trust me ;). All to be revealed on the 5th!

good afternoon.

So a while back Justen posted the Tennis track Marathon. It quickly became a favorite of mine. This morning I would like to bring you a hip hop track by New Orleans very own up and coming G-Eazy entitled Waspy which features Tennis. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for a spotlight on G-Eazy and more tracks! Enjoy

Oh yea, and then there is this...

Have a lovely day!


23 November 2010



This past Sunday the indie pop band STARS played a packed show at The Republic in New Orleans. The opening act, Geographer, was a surprising last minute addition to the night; a three piece from San Francisco comprised of a vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist, a bassist, who often played an electric cello, and a drummer. Their music was perceptively arranged and they were, at very least, an appropriate opening act for the main attraction.


After a relatively long wait, the Canadian band STARS took the stage, throwing the pedals of red and white roses, to open with “He Dreams He’s Awake” from their latest full length, The Five Ghosts. The energy of the crowd reached a high at the very beginning that was maintained throughout the entire performance. While it never seemed to bother other fans, I felt as though the band did a poor job of diversifying their set at times; the majority of the first half was comprised mostly of only new material. Therefore I had to wait almost to the very end to get a taste of the STARS I loved during my seventeen-year-old high school days.


One of the nights highlights came with a medley of The Smiths “Half a Person,” flowing into “Take Me to the Riot” from STARS 2007 effort, In Our Bedroom After the War. The band closed with one of my all time personal favorites “One More Night;” a slower tune from their breakout album Set Yourself on Fire. It was obvious though that they were having just as much fun as the crowd when came back out for an encore that was four songs long.

Though the performance was over all very strong, I felt at times as if the band members were more like showmen (as opposed to musicians), relying on their clever behavior and bubble machines for success. And while this bothered me, along with the dynamic of their set list, none of it ever seemed to bother other fans in the crowd. Everyone had an unusually exciting Sunday night, including the band; if you missed them this time around, don’t worry. They’ll be back.


** As we mentioned in our Bonobo review, The Republic has definitely changed directions lately and has been hosting a plethora of great music. Be sure to check out their upcoming schedule at www.republicnola.com!
-Article by Justen Cheney
-Photos by Josh Brasted
For more pictures from the show,
check out Joshua's Flickr.

art/official x DJ YRS TRULY

If you came to get down on the 12th of November with us at the 69th Annual Cosmonauts Space Luau you got the privilege to not only hear our debut set, but our resident DJ YRS TRULY. Spinning a mix of indie dance remixes, a bit of electro, and a large dose of **love**, YRS TRULY played a sexy set. You can expect to see more of him in the many parties to come. Until then check out his newest mix. Free download is available by clicking the down arrow on the right hand side. ENJOY!!


Ego Intact by YRS TRULY

Space Luau!: A Review

Art Official Party-0424

Saturn Bar hosted the launch party for “art/official” last Saturday, November 12th. Finger complete with sharpie mustache, guests joined a dance party mixed by Aaron Saltzman, Justen Cheney and DJ Yrs Truly. The event intended to promote art/official, a new blog supporting and sharing New Orleans music events, musicians, and more.

Attendance rivaled that of Saturn Bar’s regular Mod Dance Parties, even with the technical difficulties that disrupted the overall continuity of the dance party. Saltzman made his DJ debut, introducing the crowd to new sounds as well as using throwbacks such as “I’m Blue” by Eiffel 65. DJ Yrs Truly satiated the dance floor with sweaty bodies and hot mixes in between Satlzman’s costume changes. While a computer crash prohibited the dance party to extend into the early morning hours, the launch party was an overall success.

Art Official Party-0420

“art/official”, www.artofcl.com, is the place to hear music, find gig reviews, view up and coming artist profiles, as well as music and art events happening in New Orleans. art/official have created a blog that promotes and explores all facets of the art scene in New Orleans, music, literature and fine art.

Art Official Party-0422

-Article by Julia Berghammer
-Photos by Josh Brasted
-Video by Colby Jamrock
For more pictures from the show,
check out Joshua's Flickr.

The solution to all the world’s problems (A plea to the ladies)

Who cares about education
When you got masturbation?
Who cares about having a job
When you can get a blowjob?
Who cares about food
When you can eat out?
Who cares about his ex
When you can have sex?
Who cares about being hungry
When you can be horny?
Who cares about puberty
When you can get nudity?
Who cares about love
When you can make love?

I don’t care
I just wish I had someone to do it with

 --Poem by Robin W. 

***Robin W. is our Dutch correspondent currently residing in London. Robin enjoys balloons, raw herring, and scooters. This is his first poem in English. 

Bedroom Databank Vol. 2

Geez Bradford! Back in the day (yesterday) I thought it to be skillful to have 2 records come out within two months. Twenty four hours after his release of Bedroom Databank Vol. 1 comes the release of Vol. 2


22 November 2010

New Cut Copy... Take Me Over

Yes I realize every other music blog also posted this today. Regardless I love synth-pop. So in case you missed it, here it is.

~Gorillaz cover XX~

Check out this very special broadcast from BBC Radio 1. Gorillaz cover the track Crystalised by the XX. As a fan of both acts, this is very exciting. Enjoy.

P.S. I just realized one of my favorite tracks I posted a while back was taken down on youtube. I just updated it so it should play again. Check it out here!

Atlas Sound- Bedroom Databank Vol. 1

Bradford Cox knows a thing or two about time management. Not two months after the release of Deerhunter's latest full length album Halcyon Digest he's back in action with a fresh new Atlas Sound release entitled Bedroom Databank Vol. 1. The majority of this eleven track volume was recorded in Bradford's home this November 15-22.

iron + wine

Iron & Wine-43

It’s been a throwback kind of week here in New Orleans: two bands of my lonely indie boyhood dreams playing consecutive days in one weekend! On Saturday night Sam Beam and company played a sold out show at the House of Blues. One can only hope that after building anticipation for over 6 years to see a band, it will actually be enough to justify all the time spent waiting. This was certainly the case, as Iron + Wine did not disappoint.
The evening began with a short sample of Iron + Wine at it’s very core, as the simple solo vehicle for the creative folk genius of Sam Beam. Beam, dressed in a black suit and sporting his usual bushy beard, opened with a predominantly a cappella rendition of The Shepherd’s Dog’s closing track, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth;” his gentle vocals filled the fairly large concert hall as the audience listened in a reverent silence that spoke for the holiness of his music.

Iron & Wine-34

After performing “Up Over the Mountain” from his first full length, The Creek Drank the Cradle, Beam invited the supporting members of his band, which was 7 strong at it’s largest, onto stage. As the set progressed, the band did a wonderful job of playing a diverse list of songs from each album and the next high point came with the performance of “Woman King” from the 2005 EP that shares the same title. During this piece, as well as others, Beam’s supporting guitarist implemented the use of an electric banjo that attributed to much of the song’s overall splendor.

Iron & Wine-4

In closing, the band performed a shadowy, drawn-out version of Wolves, that built incessantly into a roaring guitar solo before being cut off without notice, to slowly but tenderly dissipate. It wasn’t long however until they were back for an encore to play an obvious crowd favorite, “Boy with a Coin,” from the latest full-length album.
When all is said and done, this was an extremely impressive show. In the anticipation of seeing a folk band like this, that is known at times for it’s manifestation of beauty within simplicity, one never knows exactly what to expect. During this performance however, less was not necessarily more, and it was my sentiment that Beam and his band did a wonderful job of not only playing a diverse set list, but also of adapting his deeply emotional folk songs to an intelligent live performance.

Iron & Wine-149
-Article by Justen Cheney
-Photos by Josh Brasted
For more pictures from the show,
check out Joshua's Flickr.

21 November 2010



This evening at the Republic our friends at Winter Circle are putting on a lovely show. With the release of their beautiful new album The Five Ghosts I think we are in for a treat. In case you still haven't heard anything from the album, have a listen below. Should make for a relaxing end to the weekend.

Review + Photos by Josh after the show. Check back soon!

P.S. Iron and Wine update coming in the next few days as well.

God I love flute... BONOBO LIVE!


Here in New Orleans we lack a lot of basic things that most cities have: decently paved roads, city wide recycling, and adequate public transportation. To make up for it... we have lots of booze and music! After being gone for a year, it was nice to see so many new places hosting musical acts. One of the more suprising venues on that list has to be The Republic in the CBD.

When the Republic opened it was my place to go dance; because New Orleans doesn't seem to have too many night clubs dedicated to that purpose, it soon became a lot of peoples place to dance and the uniqueness of the parties quickly faded. However, things have lately seemed to turn around. Between Mumford and Sons, Beats Antique, STARS this evening, and most importantly for this review, Bonobo, the Republic has been successfully drawing a diverse crowd once again. In fact, I have spent more time seeing music in the Republic this year than New Orleans's legendary Tipitina's.


As already mentioned, last Wednesday Bonobo (live set) came to impress. I had only heard good things, and since I could not afford the $50 price tag on a ticket in London, I was ecstatic to finally see them. As they took the stage I took note of the six man band led by a flute! The energy built in the crowd as they began their second song "Kong," an obvious favorite. Quickly moving on, Bonobo introduced the vocalist, Andrea Tryanna, who's voice brought tears to my eyes. This blend of music that I would typically only expect to hear from a laptop producer was incredible in the context of a live performance with real vocals.
The set flowed seamlessly and the crowd really seemed to get loose, especially when the last song, "Kiara," hit it's first note. The short set flew by, but I loved it nonetheless. Those who were lucky enough to catch them on their last pass through Nola expressed a desire for more intimacy, but bands change; especially with the coming of popularity. For those who missed this show, get on the train soon because I sense very good things to come for these guys.

-Article by Aaron Saltzman
-Photos by Josh Brasted
For more pictures from the show,
check out Joshua's Flickr.