25 December 2010

FREE live Yeasayer!

I got this email today
Hello Everyone!

We hope this message finds you well and that 2010 has brought you it's best. It has been an amazing year for us and we owe a lot to you, our fans and supporters, for all the successes and the ability to do what we love.

In thanks, we have decided to release a live show that was recorded at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels on October 28th, 2010. We didn't want to put a value on the live album, so it's up to you to decide what works best for you. This is being offered to you first before any viral spread, so please go here to download: http://yeasayer.net/xmas/

Again, this doesn't happen without you and we are forever grateful. Thank you for allowing us to move forward to 2011 with more ideas and tunes to share.

Peace and Happy Holidays.


Pay what you want for this new live album from Yeasayer. Merry Christmas.



24 December 2010

Wake Up

John wakes up. He slept well, only dreamt nice dreams. His dreams replayed some early childhood memories mixed with some dream logic. He dreamt about his dad and him sitting next to the plastic pool they used to have in their garden. His dad was laughing; the sunlight reflected off his white teeth. They were playing around with a beach ball when suddenly his dad grabbed him and threw him in the pool, with his clothes still on.
The water felt nice and cold under the hot summer sun. He lifted his head from the water and felt drops falling from his hair and sliding over his face. Looking up he saw his dad standing next to the pool, smiling even more than before. Then, suddenly, and in a Mary Poppins kind of way, he was lifted up and flew away – straight up like an elevator.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for all your support in making art/official a reality. Merry Christmas!I hope you guys dig this Christmas rap by Kurtis Blow as much as I do.

Lots of love,


23 December 2010

Big History added to NYE Throwdown!!

One of my favorite quickly rising New Orleans acts is Big History. There sound reminds me a bit of the XX and a bit of Beach House. Definitely a "dream pop" sound. You can listen to my favorite track entitled "Every Bone" by clicking here.

Anyways I'll get to the point. That super awesome warehouse party on New Years Eve we've been talking about... Big History was just added to the lineup!! So be sure to hurry and grab tickets because this party will be unreal!! There are a few ticket options including some with an **open bar** all night long and VIP access to special areas of the venue. For more info check out http://www.parkthevan.com/nye2011/.

For more info on the party click here.

DISCOOOO-- New Christoph!!

Last month we posted a track by New Orleans Neo-Disco producer Christoph Anderson. Since then he has created big waves in the blogosphere. Last week he had a great interview in popular dance music blog "Gotta Dance Dirty." I'm sure this will be one of many to come. His tracks are consistently off the hook so without further ado this is CAPITAL!!

Capital out December 21 2010 by Christoph Andersson

22 December 2010

How did I miss this one?!?

I am not really sure how I missed this track earlier this year because its amazing! After hearing it for only the first time the other day I began to ask my friends if they had heard it, and they hadn't either. So I guess I am not the only one. So in case you missed it too, here it is. The song is called "I Need a Dollar" by Aloe Blacc.

UPDATE: Minutes after posting this a friend sent me this really cool remix by Big Gigantic. To check it out click here!

UPDATE #2:  Now they won't stop rolling in. Here is another great disco-ish remix by Tensnake. Give it a listen here!


21 December 2010

Nosaj Thing- Aquarium

I have been having one of those days were everything seems a bit more overwhelming than it should. I got home and found this video floating around. Nosaj Thing graced us with his presence here in New Orleans last week and blew me away. Just as I begin to forget about what a great show he put on, this video reminds me of what a talented artist he truly is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I.


Oh Baby Baby, Playlist Four!!!


Jagga- Modern Day Romance
MONARCHY- Gold In The Fire
Micachu- Turn Me Well
Q Lazzarus- Goodbye Horses
Tanlines- Real Life
Geographer- Original Sin
Javelin- Vibrationz
Restless People- Days Of Our Lives
Ruby Goe- Beat Breaking Boy (Ft DJ Poet)
Lunice- Out Of Touch

Just in time for Christmas cheer comes playlist four!! We tried to include all sorts of tunes this time. Feel free to comment and tell us what you love and hate (hopefully its mostly love :) As always, right click + "save as" to download an individual track. If you just want to download the entire playlist at once click here!

Lots and lots of love,


19 December 2010

Descendant Dearest

Alligator pie, alligator pie,
If I don’t get some I think I’m gonna die.

Give away the green grass, give away the sky,
But don’t give away my alligator pie.
-Dennis Lee

Ever since you were little, you've been asking questions of purpose, questions of your existence, to all the wrong people, for all the wrong reasons. Your father and I are extremely disappointed in you, but we talked, and we came to a decision. It's time for you to know the truth about where you came from. So listen up.
Your greatest grandparents are named Bud and Margie, did you know? They were alligators and they've known each other since forever. And boy are they perfect together-- know-it-alls in the truest sense of the word. I mean it-- they know everything! No, they don't live in Florida. No, you haven't met them. Will you let me talk? Thank you. I'm not making this up.
They live in a different world, in fact, it's not even this universe. Do you know about worlds and universes? Good. Well, they live with stars and swamp bears, but not like any stars or swamp bears you know. The bears live off of scrambled eggs with lots and lots of pepper; the stars are assholes. They're all made of mud, and they aren't famous, and they HATE how ordinary they are. This is why nowadays they exact revenge on us, the spawn of our greatest grandparents, by penetrating our minds, making us wonder about our purpose instead of just knowing it.

Beach House vs X-Mas!

Tis the season. Bring on the holiday jams! Gosh I love Beach House :)