15 April 2011

Japa RE: existential crisis.

Long time friend and graphic designer Japayork has been going through an existential crisis as of late. First off, he changed his stage name. Japayork is now Japa--sleek, simple, and sexy. With big plans to move to L.A. to continue his life in music, graphic design, and soon fashion, we all wish him the best of luck. Check out a new self released track entitled "Ready For The Nausea" via his tumblr. Also be sure to take note of the graphic he made to accompany the track. As always... unreal! Enjoy.

Ready for the nausea by japamusic

Lots of love,


[new] danger mouse & daniele luppi ft. jack white


earlier this year it was revealed that the overly ambitious producer danger mouse has been working on a new project, called Rome, with itialian composer daniele luppi. the entire album, which is supposedly inspired by spaghetti-westerns, is set for release on may 17 via capitol records, and will include cameo appearances by the likes of jack white and norah jones. don't think that just because the white stripes decided to call it quits that ole jack isn't staying busy. check out the awesome track, entitled "two against one," below.



14 April 2011

Bon Iver: new album teaser

On this overcast day in New Orleans, it's only natural that something like this would surface. Justin Vernon stole our hearts in 2008 with Bon Iver's debut masterpiece For Emma, Forever Ago, and kept us warm with the 2009 follow up Blood Bank EP. It's been reported that the emotionally wrought folk outfit will be putting out their ten track sophomore album in June. The record will demonstrate a more weathered, fuller Bon Iver sound than the cabin-recording of For Emma, but will undoubtedly do so with grace. Check out a beautiful teaser video for the album below:

[new] purity ring - lofticries


earlier this year a brand new group that goes by the name purity ring released a single called "ungirthed," which quickly became one of my favorite tracks of 2011, thus far. in the last few days the b-side to the aforementioned single was released, and luckily it's just as bassy / dancy as it's predecessor. check it out below or download the track here. order the debut 7" single over at plastic in paper, and watch out for these guys; they're a pretty big deal.

Lofticries by PURITY RING

13 April 2011

[preview] Mount Kimbie [TONIGHT AT HOOKAH]


Second to the show next week featuring Mary Ann Hobbes, Lorn, Gonjasufi and a mysterious mustached man, Winter Circle's show tonight at the Hookah is looking to be the best electronic showcase of the year.  Mount Kimbie's sound easily stands out by striking a balance among guys like Burial, Four Tet and James Blake, with some glitchy samples of people like Alicia Keys and shit. You may have heard it described as "Postdubstep." That's a term being used a lot, and I guess it's accurate, but don't get scared off if people like Datsik (or even the aforementioned Burial) aren't your style.

Check out some of our favorites below:


12 April 2011

[new] Cults - "Abducted"

Everyone's favorite overnight internet success story, Cults, are coming out with their debut album, Cults, on June 7 via major label Columbia Records. Stream their newest fuzzy summer tune below:

11 April 2011

I'm brining sexy back.

I'm pretty late on this mix... but damn! I don't care. It's worth the post. Bump it. I'll be putting up a very special post tomorrow. Be sure to check back.

Neon cheetahs mix by russliquid

Lots of love,


10 April 2011

New Grouper Albums at Midnight

Yes, albums. Portland ambient noise composer Liz Harris is doing it right. Releasing two full lengths is something to be proud of, especially the fact she's self- releasing both. Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill was the last installation of Liz's career, a haunting album to fall asleep to, and not really sleep. She uses her melodic, always distant voice to create something very special. The new albums will be available tonight at midnight and also on vinyl. Here is a track released this week entitled "Alien Observer".

[check out] High Highs

High Highs is a Brooklyn-via-Australia trio that plays ethereal dream folk music. It's great coming down music that's perfect for a late Sunday afternoon. Give it a listen below: