27 October 2010

music video magic -- guns and dogs

This brand spankin' new Portugal. the Man video, released a bit earlier today, is good (and creepy) enough to watch at least three times in a row. It's easy to tell from this dark and strange baroque influenced video, as well as other recent content released by John Gourley and company, that something deep and thought provoking is underlying their music. Need I anymore reason to admit he is, without a doubt, one of my modern day heros? I think not. I was lucky enough to catch these guys here in NOLA a few weeks ago, and I have this advice to offer to everyone else in other cities around the world: if you only get the chance to see one touring band this fall, for god's sake make it this one. Gourley and friends are definitely on top of their shit people.

Small Black @ The Saint 10/28/10!!

Small Black @ The Saint!!

It ain't nooooo joke that chill wave is really taking off in a lot of other places around the country and world. With Louisiana trailing a bit behind (as usual) our nation's other great Bohemias, it's a real treat to have an act like Small Black performing right here in New Orleans. Take advantage of this people; it isn't every day we get the opportunity to see a great rising band with so much future promise, innit.

Show at 10 p.m. -- Class Actress opens.


new music -- the Go! Team

The Go! Team - T.O.R.N.A.D.O by TheArtOf...

This is the first released song from the Go! Team's forthcoming album, Rolling Blackouts, due out 11 January 2011 on Memphis Industries. There will even be several very special guests on the approaching album including Betty from Best Coast and Satomi Matsuzaki from Deerhoof. Look out for it!

Frightened Rabbit is the shit, and we're knee-deep in it.

Scottish alt folk/rock mainstays Frightened Rabbit killed it at the legendary Tipitina's on Friday night. They have a way of cutting right into your soul. Their music will make you heart hurt, but in a way that feels good. Frightened Rabbit is raw and real.
They played a phenomenal setlist, comprised of many songs from their great 2008 album The Midnight Organ Fight and about half from this years The Winter of Mixed Drinks. Especially powerful moments occurred when front-man Scott Hutchinson performed a solo acoustic version of "Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms" and during the three song encore when they performed their burner "The Twist."
--Review by Connor Crawford

photos by: Connor Crawford


photo by: Bree Brackett
Our hands looked like a clamshell zippered
closed by our fingers
as you dragged me through a crowd
that I bumped into as drunk as a rag doll.
Your friend said to meet her by the light
so you walked me to every one of them,
and you stared into them squinting
until you couldn’t anymore.
I tagged along until you judged
(for the seventh time) that these
lights weren’t “lighty” enough.
I dragged myself home alone,
and tried to recreate our clamshell,
but it’s harder than you’d think.

Poem by: Andrew Graziano

25 October 2010

uh oh, new Girls

Girls recently announced that they will release a new EP, Broken Dreams Club, on the 22nd of November, via True Panther. This song, "Heartbreaker," is just a little taste, and is available for free download now.


Girls - Heartbreaker by Spine Magazine

i'm just having fun, with you.

punk rock, surfer, pothead extraordinaire Nathan Williams is back again with his third album released by Wavves, called King of the Beach. the album was released in August by Fat Possum records (out of Oxford, Mississippi), and i can't get enough of it! William's, now joined by members from the band of the late great Jay Reatard (Billy Hayes & Stephen Pope), are on tour now. their closest proximity to us will be fun fun fun fest on the 6th of November. this is the first single from King of the Beach, called "Post Acid."