16 December 2010

Massive warehouse party on New Year's? Yes, please. Artofcl.com is helping to present THE THROWDOWN!

Scheduale for tonight!!

9:30 Doors
9:30 - 10:30:  Mod Dance Party
10:30 - 11:15 Big History
11:15 - 11:30: YRS TRULY
11:30 - 12:15: Jean Eric
12:15 - 12:45: Sex Dreams
12:45 - 1:15: YRS TRULY
1:00 2:00: Empress Hotel
1:45 - 2:15: YRS TRULY
2:15 - 3:00: Partners N Crime
3:00 - 4:30??:  YRS TRULY & Guest DJs

 Remember, tonight is a CASH ONLY BAR!!! Hope to see all your beautiful faces.
One of the hippest rager's this city has ever seen is on the horizon. Our friends over at OpenHouseMusic recently acquired control of a huge warehouse in Mid-City. The space is usually used to build Mardi Gras floats along with other massive projects.

There are a bunch of utterly convincing reasons why this is the place y'all need to be when 2011 rolls in.

Most of the Mardi Gras floats are still up in the space.Plus the decorating team will be added shit tons of other artsy-fartsy installations.

NOLA's biggest rising stars at the moment will be playing, including Jean-Eric and Empress Hotel.

art/official's very own Justen Cheney--will be performing his live set as Sex Dreams.

Before, between, and after the live sets, DJ YRS TRULY will be spinning the sexiest party beats to shake it to all night long on top of a catapult!?! Plus he said the art/official DJs would get a chance to move some sliders and tweak some knobs too. So if you liked our Saturn Bar party, then you'll love this.

Gogo Dancing by Dames D'Lish. We're not entirely sure what this entails but that only makes us more excited.

Massive courtyard for smoking with even more live music + DJ sets

FREE CHAMPAGNE (at midnight).

Cheap drinks for the rest of the night. No more $13 Gin and Tonics for this guy.

NYE final(2)

True story: At first we were like, "cool an indie party..." Then we visited the warehouse-- and now we won't stop talking about it to our friends.

We hope to see all of your beautiful faces.

Lots of Love,



15 December 2010


The jet arrived just as they had said, but Willie had his head in the clouds long before the plane took off.

A limo was waiting at the landing field, and Willie was welcomed by Carla, a lovely young woman handpicked for this job. She was to make Willie feel just like he belonged. As they stopped for a coffee on the way to the studio, Willie had goose pumps as she told of the possibilities of his story. And so then on to a meeting in the plush office of the CEO of MGM-- writers and a director sat in. Willie took center stage as he began his story. He could not help but notice the genuine interest the writers were taking as he talked. His ego was growing steadily.

Reader submitted X-Mas Playlist!

Here is a very special Christmas playlist brought to you by art/official fan and friend Kyle Lawrence. Thanks a ton Kyle, and to everyone else... ENJOY!!

Click Here to Download

A NOTE FROM KYLE: Mediafire tends to get things a little out of order, so here is the order as I made it:

1. Seeplymouth- Volcano Choir
2. Winter Wonderland- Goldfrapp
3. Carol of the Bells- Bird & The Bee
4. Frosty the Snowman- Cocteau Twins
5. Blue Christmas- First Aid Kit
6. White Christmas- Bright Eyes (but really its Maria Taylor. Its just on bright eyes' Christmas album)
7. Fallen Snow-Au Revoir Simone
8. Got Something For You- Best Coast & Wavves
9. Merry Christmas, Baby (please don't die)- Dum Dum Girls & Crocodiles
10. Baby Its Gold Outside- Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting
11. Santa Baby- Madonna
12. My Only Wish (this year)- Britney Spears
13. All I Want for Christmas (is you)- Mariah Carey
14. Sleigh Ride- Leroy Anderson
15. Rain and Snow- Sam Amidon
16. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen- Bright Eyes
17. O Come o Come Emmanuel- Sufjan Stevens
18. O Holy Night- My Morning Jacket
19. Winter Vacation- Atlas Sound


Cold War Kids LIVE!!


My first night home for Christmas break, I was treated to a spectacular Cold War Kids w/ The Cave Singers double bill in Memphis, TN.

The Cave Singers are an outstanding bouncy folk band from Seattle. They boast an extremely collaborative spirit, and do a lot with very little. The band is three strong, but at time it can sound like six or seven. Keep an eye on them.

At this point in their career, Cold War Kids know what they are doing on stage. They have come a long way from their blogbuzz birth in 2006. The songs from their upcoming album, Mine Is Yours, are catchy as hell, and the old favorites still hit home hard. The short, but sweet show was interspersed with both. The California quartet’s rough-around-the-edges brand of catchy blues punk kept the crowd moving throughout, especially during trademarks “We Used To Vaction,” “Hang Me Up To Dry,” and “Hospital Beds.” The Kids have enlisted Jacquire King (same guy who took Kings of Leons from bar to arena) to produce this upcoming album, so it should be interesting to see what he does with it. We shall see!

--Photos and Article by Connor Crawford


I would highly recommend getting the album "White Magic" by ceo if you haven't yet. This morning ceo released a video for the track Illuminata. I don't really think it makes much sense, but whatever, it's a good song anyways. Enjoy!


14 December 2010

New Release via Adie Kaye

So Henry went a little buck wild and put up loads of lit. After a long day of reading, it's time for some more tunes. Here is a fresh release from Adie Kaye complete with original artwork and poem! The track is called Myster.


Trees or smoke or massive bloke
poking through the cloud?
Surely, if it was all smoke
it wouldn't be allowed!


cruel cassette / adie kaye

Myster by cruel cassette

12 December 2010

Similes are Lame!

I'll trap you like a mouse.
I'll burn you like a house.
I'll sink you like a boat.
I'll haunt you like a ghost.
I'll inspire you like art.
I'll push you like a cart.
I'll break you like a vase.
I'll make you cry like mace.
I'll hang you like a noose.
I'll drink you like apple juice.
I'll hunt you like a dog.
I'll bore you like a log.
I'll curse you like a witch.
I'll scratch you like an itch.
I'll borrow you like sugar.
I'll pick you like a booger.
I'll smooth you like a sheet.
I'll amaze you like a feat.
I'll shoot you like a lazer.
I'll erase you like an eraser.
I'll crash you like a plane.
I'll change you like a lane.
I'll culture you like Europe.
I'll stick to you like syrup.

Juan's Story (Part 2)

Melan was from the small village of Ataxia, Mexico. Melan was always on the lookout for "Mr. Right". Melan stopped in at La Taca, the local pub, one innocent Saturday night. And this decision is where my existence eventually and eventfully stemmed from. As she entered, there sat a single man at the bar. Why not? She took a stool two seats away and ordered a marguerita. Billlie Bob turned toward her and smiled-- she smiled back. “My name's Billie Bob Odeen, and I’m from Louisiana.“ 

A conversation had begun and the more Billie Bob talked, the more comfortable she felt. Maybe it was his slow, smooth drawl, or maybe it was the fact he was a handsome southern country gentleman. Either way, Melan was beginning to like this man. After a few drinks they parted, but not before Billie had secured a dinner date for tomorrow evening.

Melan had been on the lookout for a suitable partner, so after a whirlwind courtship, they were married. At last, Billie Bob had found some peace and happiness and a perfect place to settle down. Billie Bob, whose parents died when he was just a child, spoke lovingly of his grandpa who raised him. He told of the little Cajun Restaurant he owned in Oleana, Louisiana, simply called Justin‘s.

But who was Billie Bob Odeen, and what was he doing in this small Mexican village?

you must be joking.

One day I brought my baby a letter after I treated her real bad. It said:

"Mes emotions sont 'toujour ceux d'un enfant. J'ai aveter tout progres pour te mes sentiments. Cela doit arreter et la maturiteé pent commencer. Le progré ne pent étre carburé que par une chose: la veritá. Mes tendences enfantine ne me permaient de te le dire que dans une langue. Langue de romance et d'amour.