15 December 2010

Cold War Kids LIVE!!


My first night home for Christmas break, I was treated to a spectacular Cold War Kids w/ The Cave Singers double bill in Memphis, TN.

The Cave Singers are an outstanding bouncy folk band from Seattle. They boast an extremely collaborative spirit, and do a lot with very little. The band is three strong, but at time it can sound like six or seven. Keep an eye on them.

At this point in their career, Cold War Kids know what they are doing on stage. They have come a long way from their blogbuzz birth in 2006. The songs from their upcoming album, Mine Is Yours, are catchy as hell, and the old favorites still hit home hard. The short, but sweet show was interspersed with both. The California quartet’s rough-around-the-edges brand of catchy blues punk kept the crowd moving throughout, especially during trademarks “We Used To Vaction,” “Hang Me Up To Dry,” and “Hospital Beds.” The Kids have enlisted Jacquire King (same guy who took Kings of Leons from bar to arena) to produce this upcoming album, so it should be interesting to see what he does with it. We shall see!

--Photos and Article by Connor Crawford

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