02 September 2011

art/official presents: A SKETCHY PARTY! (in the Bywater)

We are back, and better than ever! ARTOFCL.COM is about to relaunch with a layout optimized for brining New Orleans the best and most up to date content on everything New Orleans. To celebrate we are throwing our first monthly dance party at our new home SIBERIA (2227 St. Claude).

If you haven't been before, it's right across the street from The Allways Longue, right by the Hi-Ho.

This one is bound to be a sloppy mess (per usual). Bring your best dancing shoes, and craziest costumes. 

As always we will be playing the best in indie-dance to disco, hip-hop to pop!

The dance party starts around 11pm, but get there early to check out the early evening live sets by:


$5 on the door. 18+

Keep an eye out for the new site soon! See you at the party or else we'll have that lady from the flyer hunt you down.

---Your friends from art/official

RSVP Herehttp://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=169037899841356

$$$ Email us at artofcl@gmail.com if you wanna free ticket! $$$

28 August 2011

Blessed Wrongly Accused

I am still here; I am not what they say.
Threadbare bars make for easy escape.
And so begins the dash at daybreak.
Less said for structure, more for my own integrity,
as well as Sara's sake.

This plan unknown is unfurling into time.
Run faster man, distance this town's bell,
its gaudy chimes. Run for Sara.

God has no time,
for only one, not the other,
is on my side.

What follows me is not an army of cherubs,
but a posse of full-grown ignorance.
Run for Sara.

It is sinful to be an animal like this;
I am the fastest man living.
The trees look at me without faces. I read them:
"You are arriving."

The forest floor is damp quiet with leaves,
& this forest air is abreast to a stench
that I do not wish to breath.
I want the ocean's.
I run for Sara.

Night falls without pause
as pines whisper behind my back
that I've gone nowhere.
Clothes left long ago say otherwise,
as I fly, naked, stark bare.
I run for Sara.

But I am a man-- bone, blood, & flesh.
I have my limits
pushed into the margins.
A godling; anything?
"I run for Sara."
The call is heard.
There is a washing, a light, power either returned or remained.
I run still for Sara.
I've reached the coast.
I've reached what I love most.
I ran for Sara.