26 January 2011

"still sound" - toro y moi

Chaz Bundick looks like an especially fun guy and I can't wait to see him perform again in March at the Saturn bar (thanks deftjams!). In the meantime, check out this video!

25 January 2011

explosions in the sky: new album

The infinitely talented guys from Explosions in the Sky announced today that they will be releasing their newest full length album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, on April 26th of this year. On their site is a letter addressed to the public, along with an album trailer that amounts to nothing more than a severe tease. Though the short 39 second video, which toys with the romanticization of music as mere "sounds," offers only a very vague taste of what we are to expect, it capably summarizes the notion that the album will be "different than anything else [they've] ever done" while remaining quintessentially Explosions. Needless to say, I'm absolutely giddy with excitement because its been since '07 that these guys made a full length appearance. The bands official release to the public and the video are included below:

Hi Everyone,

We're pleased to announce that our fifth album will be coming out this April. It has six songs and its called Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. It was recorded on a pecan ranch in West Texas by our good friend and frequent collaborator John Congleton. Esteban Rey did the artwork. The music on it feels different than anything else we've done before and we're very excited for you to hear it.

Anyway, here is the track list:
1. Last Known Surroundings
2. Human Qualities
3. Trembling Hands
4. Be Comfortable, Creature
5. Postcard from 1952
6. Let Me Back In

And here are the release dates:
UK (April 18th)
Europe (April 25th)
US and Canada (April 26th)

Thanks for caring and we hope to see a lot of you this year.


Explosions In The Sky from Explosions in the Sky on Vimeo.

24 January 2011

Earth - Descent to the Zenith

Seattle stoner minimalist outfit Earth has apparently been together for upwards 20 years and it shows in their composure. Their so called "metal" is drawn out, teeming with appropriate cello pieces and guitar hooks that are catchier than a baseball player pumped full of steroids. It honestly sounds a lot closer to fundamental rock n' roll than any metal I've ever heard and reminds more of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Band than anything else I can think of. Their first full-length release in over three years will drop sometime in February via Southern Lord Records. I've seen a lot of buzz going around about this one, so watch out for it. Cool artwork too.


A Gluten-Free Success

The art/official dance commanders are simply ecstatic after last Friday’s “Gluten-Free Jurassic Hoe-Down.” Though the name was confusing, “What’s gluten?” and “So does that mean there won’t be beer?” were two popular questions, we’ll continue the tradition of using bad inside jokes as catchy names for our parties.

This was our second night of packing The Saturn Bar to the brim with 250 people (or more if any of ya’ll snuck in or forged those mustaches), so we’re really happy to have officially established the only dance party in New Orleans where most people, instead of standing around talking about what music they’d rather be hearing, are actually dancing.

Here at art/official we’ve been to literally thousands of shows and dance parties and never have we seen a crowd so diverse—from Bywater musicians and poets to adventurous college students—unrepentantly, uh, “get loose” with one another. We don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

But most importantly, we want your comments. Shoot us an email at artofcl@gmail.com to tell us what you want to see at the next party on Feb. 25. We’re already getting more bartenders.

Lots of love,


23 January 2011

"Get in the bathtub! Be together!"

I can't decide if I love Devendra or hate him; I didn't think it was possible, but his new girlfriend just may be prettier than Natalie Portman. Check out this incredibly sexy video the couple did together for the eyewear company Oliver Peoples. Banhart's track "Brindo," from his latest full length, What Will We Be, plays in the background.

Devendra Banhart's Love-In on Nowness.com.