21 November 2010

God I love flute... BONOBO LIVE!


Here in New Orleans we lack a lot of basic things that most cities have: decently paved roads, city wide recycling, and adequate public transportation. To make up for it... we have lots of booze and music! After being gone for a year, it was nice to see so many new places hosting musical acts. One of the more suprising venues on that list has to be The Republic in the CBD.

When the Republic opened it was my place to go dance; because New Orleans doesn't seem to have too many night clubs dedicated to that purpose, it soon became a lot of peoples place to dance and the uniqueness of the parties quickly faded. However, things have lately seemed to turn around. Between Mumford and Sons, Beats Antique, STARS this evening, and most importantly for this review, Bonobo, the Republic has been successfully drawing a diverse crowd once again. In fact, I have spent more time seeing music in the Republic this year than New Orleans's legendary Tipitina's.


As already mentioned, last Wednesday Bonobo (live set) came to impress. I had only heard good things, and since I could not afford the $50 price tag on a ticket in London, I was ecstatic to finally see them. As they took the stage I took note of the six man band led by a flute! The energy built in the crowd as they began their second song "Kong," an obvious favorite. Quickly moving on, Bonobo introduced the vocalist, Andrea Tryanna, who's voice brought tears to my eyes. This blend of music that I would typically only expect to hear from a laptop producer was incredible in the context of a live performance with real vocals.
The set flowed seamlessly and the crowd really seemed to get loose, especially when the last song, "Kiara," hit it's first note. The short set flew by, but I loved it nonetheless. Those who were lucky enough to catch them on their last pass through Nola expressed a desire for more intimacy, but bands change; especially with the coming of popularity. For those who missed this show, get on the train soon because I sense very good things to come for these guys.

-Article by Aaron Saltzman
-Photos by Josh Brasted
For more pictures from the show,
check out Joshua's Flickr.

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