23 June 2011

Kreayshawn collab in Murdered in Memphis tape

art by ela orleans and carl clandestine

I did a post back in February about Kreayshawn and her underground hit "Bumpin, Bumpin". Now it seems everyone has heard at least something from the Bays baddest bitches of the WhiteGirlMob. With overnight fame(seriously) resulting from her recently acquired deal with Columbia, you could say things are looking rather shiny and glossy for her, just like her swagged out nails. Natassia has definitely had a lot of activity on her platter, what with sparse shows through LA/SF and working on new material. Included in that is her contribution to Murdered in Memphis presented by Nattymari, a tribute to gritty original Memphis songs of the 90's. She is joined by mob sister V-Na$ty, as well as an array of other artists such as OG Nery, Young Hawaii Slim, Jay Ugh, Gata, and Alexander Spit. Old school loops and scratchy sounding goodness is making this look rather promising, in terms of a tribute tape. Side B is exclusive to the tape and is all material warped by Nattymari. It's going to be co released by the ultra rad Clan Destine records and Мишка , with a scheduled release date/shipping somewhere around late July. The clear cassettes are limited to just 100 copies and wont last long I'm sure. Pre-order one from here and check out a few tracks below.

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props on this