17 June 2011

[new] NewVillager

With the rise of blogs on the net, the industry surrounding the arts has gotten immensely competitive. Everyone is a critic. Emerging artists must really make a point to set themselves apart. In the case of musical act NewVillager [IAMSOUND RECORDS], they have done a great job. Musicans, authors, sculptors, painters, and film makers, NewVillager works to create more than just a musical experience.

Past live shows have included a performance in which the band moved through ten art installations with thirty people in tow playing a game they created in an effort to demonstrate what they call their mythology. The first video below is the product of this "game."

It all sounds pretty bizarre. It certainly doesn't clear things up when I tell you they describe their music as Psychedelic/R&B/Chinese Pop. Regardless, give it a listen. It really is very very good!

Here is another track I really enjoy by NewVillager.

For more information and tracks, head to their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/newvillager

If you happen to be in LA, they will be playing for free at Make Music Pasadena this Saturday. They will also play Bardox on Monday (free with RSVP), and a special multimedia show at the Human Resources gallery in Chinatown on Tuesday.

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