21 July 2011

[new] Big History- WARDRUM


ART/OFFICIAL is proud to once again bring you an exclusive release. This time around, its from our favorite local act "Big History!" In case you don't know them already, check out our spotlight here.

In the past few weeks, Big History has been up to something. Their facebook has drastically changed, their songs have disappeared from virtually everywhere, and from the image above... Meg got really long hair.

What is going on here? Who cares, because their first release since these changes is incredible. If you have had a chance to see Big History live, you probably have heard this one. Although this final version has a couple tricks up it's sleeve to ensure maximal rump shaking. Without further ado, we give you WARDRUM!

WARDRUM by BigHistoryMusic

For more Big History and a free download of the track head over to: facebook.com/bighistorymusic and "like" the page.

Lots of love,



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