22 February 2011

Obviously Days

They come in herds and armies and
dirty britches and dirty dishes.
They snarl and have the meanest claws
and sharpest teeth and
dumbest minds and they will not stop.

There's cattle in the count of 24.
Got gusto.
I'm scared all of the time.
They lurk around corners and pounce.
They are big and small and even smaller.
Some of them are inside of me at this point,
come hurdling in from the back room that
I haven't thought of for over
seven years.
Alot of them are inside
my eyeballs, scratching,
caterwauling that they shall never
be caught. I can't even blink and
to sleep would be suicide.
They break collector's editions and hurt my feelings.
Your feet will never be warm.
All shapes and sizes and colors. A
carnival of monsters--
none of them plush, solely scaly.
Leaping from medicine cabinets like heartless toothaches from eating.
Maniacs laughing at the equal signs floating about.
Always laughing.
Never frowning.
Always winning. They are alpha days.
They know their territory.
They know we're in it.
They're getting rough.


1 comment:

Mr.Farty said...

Sounds like you're scared of the uptown frat kids