20 February 2011

My Graveyard Jaw!

My Graveyard Jaw AKA Stix Duh Clown (from his life in the circus) has been a favorite local act of mine since I moved to the city in 2007. His sound is dark, at times somber, but with more heart and soul than I have heard in a very long time. When I began seeing Stix he would sit behind a suite case hitting it with a drum kick usually used for a bass drum. On his other foot he strapped a tambourine. This same act still exists, but now he goes by his real name, "Michael James and his Lonesome."

His new outfit is a bit different. Stix is still on guitar and vocals, but members of New Orlean's legends The Zydepunks back him up. The sound is a bit more full and accessible. I personally still have a soft spot for his one man shows I saw when I first moved to New Orleans, but none the less My Graveyard Jaw with a full band is something to see!

So Stix is trying to press his newest record onto vinyl and needs our help. He needs to raise $1,500 in the next month and a half or so. On this site, if you like what you hear, you can commit a donation of any size which will only be taken from your account if the goal of the $1,500 is met.

Check out the video and click the link below it if you want to contribute!

To hear more from My Graveyard Jaw check out his myspace. Plenty of amazing tracks: http://www.myspace.com/stixduclown

Be sure to check back as an artist spotlight on this outfit is soon to come. It will include more free tracks, videos, and interview, and much more!

Lots of love,



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