25 April 2011

Five Dollar Friday!

Open House Music bring us another great warehouse extravaganza!


Our friends at Open House Music bring us yet again another great Friday night. If you haven't already been, Studio 3 in mid-city is a must see. The space is used to build Mardi Gras floats, and reminds me of something from Alice in Wonderland. This Friday, come out to 3610 Toulouse Street to see the likes of the March Forth Marching Band, The Dirty Bourbon River Show, and one of art/official's very own. So here is the rundown:

March Forth Marching Band:
MarchFourth Marching Band connects with so many different types of audiences that they have been invited to play a huge variety of events over the past seven years. This list includes a selection of organizations, festivals, parades, street shows, clubs, corporate events, and other bands they have shared the stage with.

"A punk rock, Fellini-esque carnival of sound and sight...stilt walkers, fire breathers, burlesque ...all on top of one of the tighter marching bands I've seen" - Zac Kushner, OpenHouse Music

“For sheer foot-stomping, joy-making fun, you couldn’t beat the MarchFourth Marching Band from Portland, Ore. It was a blend of burlesque, vaudeville, horn-driven funk and marching band madness. The costumed horde, many with their faces painted and several on death-defying stilts, made for the kind of spectacle that deserves the word awesome.” -Atlanta Journal Constitution

Dirty Bourbon River Show:
The Dirty Bourbon River show reminds me of something from the vaudeville era. Similar to March Fourth Marching Band, Dirty Bourbon is bound to make you feel like you're at a circus. The act has performed with fire dancers, burlesque, and all sorts of acts for your visual amazement. Check out one of their music videos below. The vocals make this act quit unique.

Some of the guys from Art/Official will be out Friday evening spinning the best of indie-dance to disco from pop to hip hop. As always we will keep your rumps moving all night long.

***The best part? This whole night only costs a mere $5. Come join the freak show this Friday, July 29th!!

Hope to see all your beautiful faces,



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