28 April 2011

[new] Foster the People- Color on the Walls (Don't Stop)

Art/Official has been following the development of California indie-pop outfit Foster the People for some time now. If you haven't heard anything by these guys yet, click here and check out our old post featuring the three tracks previously released on their self titled EP. These guys are soon to expect fame. Their upbeat summery dance music is contagious! Here is a new unreleased track!! Hopefully it won't be taken down from Youtube before you can give it a listen. I imagine the video is fan made :). Enjoy!

Lots of love,


UPDATE: The track list and artwork for the LP entitled "Torches" coming out May 24th got leaked. Check it out here! The best part? Art/Official graphic designer and bestest friend Japayork did the artwork for the cover and t-shirt. We proudly send our love out to Japa. Congrats!

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