26 April 2011

Clasixx via New Orleans-- FREE!


Do you like to dance with your hands in the air for extended periods of time? Do you like really cheesy disco music? I sure do! If you're anything like me, I can't recommend enough coming out to Classixx Wednesday evening. Our friends at Deft Jams/TKVR are bringing New Orleans a great dance party located in the lovely and intimate Parish room at the House of Blues. If you haven't heard of this phenomenal DJ/Producer duo from LA, I've put a song at the bottom of the post for you. It's a great remix of an art/official favorite entitled "Psychic City" by YACHT. The best part about the show besides seeing Classixx? It's FREE!! Hooray free music! All you have to do is RSVP via the link below. Hope to see all of you on the dance floor.

RSVP! Click here!!!

Lots of love,


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