22 March 2011

James Blake live at SxSW!

NPR went to SxSW this past weekend and got some amazing live footage . Rising post-dubstep/soul singer James Blake has been an obsession of mine for a while now. The new self titled album is one of my favorites of the last year by far. Below I have included a link, along with the setlist, for live performance footage of one of Blake's four SxSW shows at Stubb's. I have always said you must have a real sound system in order to fully appreciate Blake's music. This is especially the case for the track "Limit To Your love." I think you will find the bass doesn't translate at all in the footage as it would live or on the studio album. I guess that just means you'll have to go see him in person :).

~~James Blake Live at SxSW

1) “Unluck”
2) “Limit To Your Love”
3) “Klavierwerke”
4) “Lindesfarne II”
5) “The Wilhelm Scream”
6) “To Care (Like You)”

The set is short, but sweet. Enjoy!




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