21 March 2011

Foster the People~~ Expect FAME!

Foster the People, brainchild of frontman Mark Foster, once again blows my mind with their latest single entitled "Houdini." Recently signing to Columbia records, a few dates at SxSW, and a slot at Coachella, I can bet these guys are about to get really massive! Their beats are contagious. I have been listening to "Pumped Up Kicks" and "Helena Beat" non-stop. The newest track only feeds the addiction. Enjoy!


In case you missed the other epic singles, here they are for your listening pleasure!

Pumped Up Kicks~~

Helena Beat~~

Lots of love, Aaron XXX P.S. Best buddy, art/official graphic designer, and rising pop star Japayork is doing all the art work for the Foster the People records and singles. All the more reason to go buy them as they come out!


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