15 November 2010

Christoph Andersson---Disco Disco Disco!


Teen songwriter and producer Christoph Andersson didn't exactly have the upbringing associated with that of a budding pop electro sensation, yet at age 18 he stands poised to break into that market in a very big way. Born in Washington D.C., Christoph spent his next two years in Germany before relocating to his current city New Orleans as a toddler. In the town long associated with either Jazz or Metal, Christoph was more or less left to his own musical devices. Christoph's tight, funk influenced bass lines are instantly catchy, in part a nod to New Orleans legends like The Meters, whose hit "Fire On the Bayou" Christoph reworked into an up-tempo secret weapon for southern dance floors. His melodies are the stuff of pop lore. "You know when you hear a song the first time, and you swear you've heard on the radio before? That's how I feel every time Christoph sends me a new track. His consistency is almost scary. He's got this ability to suck up the songwriting lessons not only from contemporary electro acts like Chromeo and Ratatat, but also from far reaching songwriting heavyweights Philip Glass and Ryuichi Sakamoto, all with a healthy dose of French house" says TKVR member John Braun.

**So that is the official bio our friends at TKVR sent us. Its a bit lengthy. All you really need to know is that this track makes you want to shake your rump. Enjoy :)

Tuxedo (Right click + "save as" for a free download!)

Also enjoy the two remixes in this Soundcloud set!!
Tuxedo out November 30th by Christoph Andersson

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