03 May 2011

[review] Crystal Castles @ CAC

Crystal Castles-3024

If you’re reading this article, or even this blog for that matter, you probably already know most of what there is to know about Crystal Castles. Having said that, I’m going keep this one pretty short and let the pictures do most of the talking. I will, however, sum it up by saying that anything positive you’ve ever heard about a live Crystal Castles show is probably true.

Crystal Castles-2855

The entire experience is absolutely incredible; from the blinding lights, to the deafening bass, to the chaotic and completely crazy Alice Glass screaming her pretty little lungs out and jumping into the crowd for a quick epileptic seizure.

Crystal Castles-3234

There’s an obvious reason why this duo has one of the most talked about and sought after live shows in the independent music world. If you have the chance to see one, do yourself a favor, AND DON’T MISS IT.

Postscripts seem to be the trend today, so nice the Cure shirt, Alice.

Crystal Castles-3453

Crystal Castles-3370

- Article written and composed by Justen Cheney
- All photos by Joshua Brasted

For more pictures from the show,
check out Joshua's Flickr.

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