04 May 2011

Prince Rama and metaphysical yoga

Prince Rama's sister duo Taraka and Nimai Larson are already mesmerizing enough as it is. These Brooklyn beauties are extremely talented, and watching a live performance is like witnessing an elaborate tribal ritual, complete with festive attire and glittery glam. I constantly find myself getting lost in the layers of sound I hear resonating from their album. This entrancing little snippet is just a taste of the soon the be released VHS(with cassette included) entitled "15 Minute Exercise", out on Impose. The girls guide you along a motivational workout to soft drum driven music complete with verbal instructions, while bursts of images such as vacant deserts and elaborate colors smear across the screen. Grainy goodness and superimposed glitchy backdrops make this throwback style rather spectacular. Available for pre-order now, with a new album completed and expected to drop in the very near future.

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