18 May 2011

Aaron's Leaving! Who Cares?

A whole lot is about to change here at art/official. For one, I am about to move to LA. I got my dream internship with Red Light Management, and plan to use the connections to enhance art/official beyond what we ever could have imagined. This also means a whole new range of musicians to interview and share with all of our fans. Meanwhile back in NOLA, Justen and a team of new writers/photographers/videographers (we are still looking for more so shoot us an email if interested) will take art/official to an entirely new level. Content will be as fresh and original as ever as we work to cover New Orleans more closely than ever before. Our site is about to have a massive revamp as well. Professional web designer and musician (Sun Hotel), Alex Hertz, is working tirelessly to make the transition of art/official as smooth and beautiful as possible. All these new changes will be in full force by the middle of the summer. We can't wait to share them with you.

So tonight is my night. My last chance to gather everyone together to say goodbye before I enbark on my adventure. Come join me at The Saint- 961 St. Mary, to share in laughter/dancing/tears/and goodbyes. I will be DJing my usual mix of indie dance, disco, hip hop, and pop while many other very special guests will be making appearances and playing some tunes. Click here to peep the Facebook event, and look below for a track I can't seem to get out of my head as I anticipate my move.

Lots of love,




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