03 April 2011

of bathtubs and LCD:

I am pretty sure this is what the entirety of the indie music world did on Saturday night. While I could not make it to New York, my circumstances landed me in a free four story beach house in Alabama for the weekend. While there, I watched sets one and two streaming simultaneously from three laptops while in the bathtub with Connor and friends. A lot of splashing and red wine were involved (see photos below).

Then, I enjoyed sets three and four on a massive plasma TV (w/ surround sound Bose...oh baby!!). I have never danced so hard for a TV set in my life. My neck is very sore today...


As I am sure you have already heard, the show was perfect. LCD Soundsystem left all of us at art/official with a great taste in our mouths. They have made a lasting impression on our hearts, history books, and dance shoes. If you didn't manage to catch Pitchfork's webcast, watch it above.

*TIP TO THE READER:* 1) Display concert on large screen. 2) Invite friends 3) Drinks 4) DANCEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


"READ MORE" for the setlist!!

Set 1:
"Dance Yrself Clean"
"Drunk Girls"
"I Can Change
"Time to Get Away"
"Get Innocuous!"
"Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"
"Too Much Love"
"All My Friends"

Set 2:
45:33 Part One
45:33 Part Two (ft. Reggie Watts)
"Sound of Silver"
45:33 Part Four
45:33 Part Five (ft. Shit Robot)
45:33 Part Six
"Freak Out/Starry Eyes"

Set 3:
"Us V. Them"
"North American Scum" (ft. RĂ©gine Chassagne, Win Butler, and Will Butler of Arcade Fire)
"Bye Bye Bayou" (Alan Vega cover)
"You Wanted A Hit"

Encore 1:
"Someone Great"
"Losing My Edge"

Encore 2:
"All I Want"
"Jump Into The Fire" (Harry Nilsson cover)
"New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down"




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