04 April 2011

MEN - show review


Le Tigre side project MEN entertained an interesting but gracious and lively crowd at the Republic last night while James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem were busy ending their careers together in NYC at Madison Square Garden.

When gender accusations become a responsibility in honest journalism, things always get a little weird; being politically incorrect is more horrifying and embarrassing than waking up in a grocery store naked these days, but I’ll try my best to stumble through this one.

Aaron said it best in his Big Freedia post a week or two ago when he made the claim that bounce music “is New Orleans.” Big Freedia, accompanied by Rusty Lazer and two very ambitious young women shaking every inch of what their mommas gave them, opened for MEN and the message was the same as usual: “hands on the floor, / ass everywhere.”

Men donned the stage wearing awkward pink helmets all connected to one another, forming a triangle with their heads at each angle. The group lived up to the dancy standards that they hold themselves to when performing live and the set was energetic throughout. It showed in the crowd and a friendly little mosh pit even formed at several high points during the show.

Some of these high points include several well-known tracks from this year’s release, Talk About Body, like “Credit Card Babie$” and “Who am I to Feel so Free?” For the encore, the group shared their own version of a Bikini Kill song, and that was definitely a treat.

Overall, the music side of things was pretty good. Maybe I was just tired from a long day at the New Orleans zoo but it did seem a bit generic at times. Don’t let that turn you off though, because one should never underestimate just how entertaining and goofy JD Samson is running around on stage dishing out sweet high kicks in a onesy with that cute little mustache.

The Republic really has a really impressive line up this spring for those of you that haven’t already taken notice. Warpaint, the Raveonettes, Cut Copy, and Beirut are a just a few big names that I’m excited to see in the next couple of months. For a complete live calendar and tickets visit their site.

MEN- Credit Card Babie$


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