02 April 2011

[new] Pictureplane- Book Four

Travis Egedy is a master of dance and synth trance, and also one of the nicest people i've ever met. He hails from Denver, with a commitment on changing the perspective of everyone who hears his music. In 2009 Dark Rift was released, and blew my mind. Pictureplane finds the time to write new music, run his own venue at his house, drop mixes, and tour all across the world performing his tunes. Above is a track he's shared called "Book Four". Upcoming album entitled Thee Physical, is scheduled for summer release. It shows the powerhouse coming back strong on hip-hop influenced, mind blowing trance. Pictureplane continues to take over the game.



Anonymous said...

this shit is dope. site needs some more original entries like this and not pfork's sloppy seconds..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll review the full release when it drops.

Anonymous said...

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