28 March 2011

surfer blood [live]

Surfer Blood-0090

The Parish has done an excellent job recently of really helping me get into an appropriate summer mood (as if the weather wasn't enough). The small upstairs concert hall at the House of Blues has been host to many impressive acts like Tennis, Holiday Shores, and Surfer Blood in the past two weeks alone.
Last Wednesday a surprising crowd came out to see Florida beach indie-rockers Holiday Shores and Surfer Blood do what they do best. As a huge fan of Holiday Shores' debut record, Columbus'd the Whim, it was much to my chagrin to hear only two songs from the 2009 gem. But even in the shadow disappointment, I was thoroughly impressed with the bands overall delivery. Many of the Shores tracks, performed live, are given liberties by the band to develop and evolve, allowing them to become entities of their own and go places that may not be experienced otherwise. Though this tended to account for a playlist composed of many longer pieces, an atmosphere of depth and timelessness, reminiscent of the Doors, was achieved.

Holiday Shores-9798

The energetic and talented musicians that make up Surfer Blood were nothing short of extraordinary. When a band drenches their music in as much reverb as these guys do, it's always hard to know what you should expect live. But rest assured hipsters, my skepticism has been put to bed and I'm a believer; the delivery of their music live, along with their onstage antics, is impeccable. The setlist, as expected, was made up predominantly of hit tracks from their acclaimed 2010 debut release, Astro Coast. However, the set was also littered with several new tracks that makes giddy as a little girl to get my hands on their forthcoming EP, I'm Not Ready. The future is bright for these young men; put on your sunglasses.

*Disclaimer: I couldn't help but throw in this sweet picture of me getting down onstage with Surfer Blood. Thanks for the photo, Josh.

Surfer Blood-0247

- Article written and composed by J. Cheney
- All photographs by Joshua Brasted
For more pictures from the show,
check out Joshua's Flickr.

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