06 January 2011

A New Orlean's Excusive! New Music: A Midnight Plume

A Midnight Plume is an instrumental and gorgeously space layered prog rock heap of sound. When asked why they went the instrumental direction, Christian Van Campen, the band's founder, says,' It's funny we're just doing these big lush soundscapes where the instruments take you to such strange lovely places and we're finding we can get you there without signs, road maps or any spoken directions of any kind, and we can sing, but really don't have anything to sing about for now. Maybe we should sing about that.' A Midnight Plume is reconstructing the band and going live this summer just as soon as they find a solid core of band members to take the sound to the next level. They're calling for artists; specifically acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboardists, and drums. They need artists who have a musical voice of their own and are ready to contribute sonic ideas. Those interested in being a part of A Midnight Plume should check out some specially posted works in progress at myspace.com/midnightplume and contact Christian at midnightplume@aol.com.

Hope you enjoy it!



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