10 November 2010

Bradford Cox Has a Silly Haircut / Deakin

Last night (11/8) at the House of Blues we got to enjoy two talented artists passing through on their way from Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX


Although he’s been on hiatus from Animal Collective for a while, Deakin hasn’t lost his touch. His solo work is mysterious and dark. In a live setting, he works with a mic, a guitar, a knob-covered table, and another dude banging on an electronic drum pad. The experience is very atmospheric and drone-based, with Deakin’s recognizable voice shining through the noise. You can definitely hear the Animal Collective in there, but it’s overbearing, and Deakin definitely offers a different experience. With former bandmate Panda Bear continuously putting off the release of his next album, and other AnCo cohort Avey Tare having just put out a record, Deakin’s shining moment might be forthcoming. Plus, his noise folk set the scene perfectly for headliners, Deerhunter.


Deerhunter play blissfully fuzzed-out, cathartically unsettling songs that make your head bop. From the get go of opening song “Desire Lines” the concert was a hazy roller coaster ride of beautifully wrought fuzzy pop tunes. The setlist was pretty focused on their acclaimed new album, Halcyon Digest, released in September, but there were also plenty of songs from their equally awesome previous albums, like 2008’s Microcastle. Deerhunter has an interesting stage presence; frontman Bradford Cox is a slightly menacing, but sympathetic character whose gangly outward appearance is humanized through his darkly touching lyrics.  The rest of the band just look like a bunch of ordinary guys up there, pounding out great songs, but there’s also a distinct air of professionalism. Along with that comes Cox’s quirky sense of humor and charming manner. Deerhunter remains at the forefront of guitar-driven indie rock, and continues to pioneer their genre into exciting new places. They have proved their longevity and staying power over the years, and on Monday night, New Orleans was lucky enough to get a taste of it.



--Photos and article by Connor Crawford

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