11 November 2010

art/official Very Proudly Presents: Loren Murrell!!

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Twenty-four year old singer and songwriter Loren Murrell is an old soul in a young man's body; he is blessed with a genuine talent for crafting honest and earnest folk tunes, has a passion for the finer things in life like homemade cornbread (minus the sugar), and has been over the hills and through the woods to reach where he his today.

When his first band, in his home state of Michigan, kicked him out for pursuing a solo career independently and began performing all of the songs he had written, he quit both of his jobs, sold everything he owned, bought an acoustic guitar for $60 from a fan in a bar, and headed south. He made it down to Tampa, FL by hitch hiking and selling 500-600 albums in malls across the states.

Murrell's heartfelt relationship with New Orleans began after he fell in love with an elf (one of Santa's little helpers) he had met at the mall in Tampa, FL. After she expressed interest in moving to New Orleans, Murrell accompanied her here in December of 2007 and has been gracing the humble people in our city with his music ever since.

Best Sunday Ever-0782
So, when will you stop moving for women? (apparently this wasn't the first time):
"Ever since I got down here. I love New Orleans because it answers the call to all parts of one's heart.  If you're desperate, if you're dwelling, if you're undecided, as long as you put out good vibes to the city it will deliver what you put into it.  I've seen it eat people up and spit them out.  I've seen beautiful people flourish, but whichever way you go it has a niche for anybody including singer-songwriters of which I previously did not think had."

What did your parents think about all of this stuff when it was happening? The quitting your jobs, hitch hiking southwards, etc. to pursue a career in music...
"They are and always have been super supportive of my goals both now and in the future of being a professional musician. During the time period of my migration to the south I made sure to call home and talk to them every day."

Best Sunday Ever-0862
What are your plans for the future?
"I have plans to start a new band with Micah (Silent Cinema, Empress Hotel) in which we will both kind of share the spotlight and alternate between the position of lead vocalist. Micah really wants to get this band going but it won't be mine, it will be both of ours. In November I have plans to start recording a new album composed entirely of my own original music. It's going to have a mellow feel with a lot of strings and horns, but no drums. I'm going to concentrate particularly on things like intelligent placement."

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Who taught you how to make your cornbread?
(Points to himself). "I'm a professional baker. I did that for several years and was even offered an apprenticeship at two different bakeries. It was a hard offer to turn down, but I knew that the whole process would take several years and that running a shop would be a complete full time job. In the end I really just wanted to focus on my music more than anything else and running a bakers shop would severely interfere with that."

Loren murrell from Deltree on Vimeo.

Watch a sixteen minute live set by Loren professionally filmed by CLICKING HERE.

Loren has been kind enough to give us two songs to give away for free! Feel free to stream them, and if you like them right click + "save as" to put them on your computer.
Aaron's Anthem
A Grand Adventure

--To try Loren's famous cornbread come to The Circle Bar every Sunday from 7-10 pm. Loren plays along side Micah McKee offering an amazing three hours of music each week. There is even free dinner! Also be sure to check out his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lorenmurrell

*Purchase his album I Dream of Feudalism: CLICK HERE. I could not find a link to download his other album Therapy Through Baking so if you want it you'll just have to go see him live!

-Article by Justen Cheney
-Photos by Josh Brasted
 -Compiled by Aaron Saltzman
For more gig photos,
check out Joshua's Flickr.

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