18 April 2011

Baby making beats are so in...

I am not sure what's going on, but I like it. R&B has begun making a serious come back. After How to Dress Well and Gayngs set a high standard for the next generation of baby making beats, comes critically acclaimed The Weeknd with their first mixtape House of Balloons. I won't even try to compete with the review Pitchfork gave the album, but for the love of god, listen to this song.

Starting with some sexy R&B vocals and a heavy beat, this song transitions to a dubstep-esque sound with hip-hop vocals that made me break half of my house dancing so hard last night. It seems like 80% of young producers feel the need to make dubstep nowadays. The same drops, womps, and beats have gotten incredibly boring for the most part. Then I heard this, and remembered why that infectious heavy bass won my heart years ago. As always please listen on a good soundsystem or headphones.

If you like what you heard, go grab the mixtape for free. Click here!

Lots of love,



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Jonathan said...

think he's only 20. sexy motha f*cka.