09 March 2011

Sorry No Ferrari! (But that don't mean they won't take you there)

They’re no Xbox; they’re more Atari. Southern indie instrumental progressive rock, despite all the adjectives, has a lot of history. From Explosions in the Sky to STS9, anyone who likes riffs and hates words and yankees has a lot of music to chase after. Readers of this blog can add Sorry No Ferrari to their docket. Though they combat file-sharing in bizarre ways like password protecting their own Mediafire files, what you’ll get with this band is slightly experimental but mostly Spartan, textbook prog rock.

If Explosions in the Sky is the best soundtrack to the “Great Planes” episode of Planet Earth and STS9 is the best soundtrack to “Shallow Seas,” Sorry No Ferrari is the “Seasonal Forests” of progressive rock—quality and fantastic technique, but not what you watch when you invite your friends over to try out your new bong.

That being said, you should see them live. They’re playing this weekend’s Foburg Fest as part of the festival’s instrumental and progressive showcase alongside ImagineIAM and locals Smiley with a Knife at the Dragon’s Den (Downstairs), but be advised the schedule indicates the venue may change.

Here are some tracks and remixes:

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