02 March 2011

FOBURG HEADLINERS: The Hood Internet and Das Racist

The Hood Internet is the new Girl Talk

I used to love Girl Talk in the 10th grade. Swear to god my AIM Profile read something like ASK ME ABOUT NIGHTRIPPER (his 2nd and best studio album).  Then I discovered electronic music in general.  Girl Talk lost a lot of my awe then, but I have to say I hate him less than most guys my age—maybe I just really like mash-ups. This is why you should believe me when I say The Hood Internet is the best in the game right now.  They follow a basic formula that they only occasionally stray from:

Step. 1 Find good indie song
Step. 2 Find good hip hop song
Step. 3 Acapella one of them a place it over the instrumentals of the other.
It’s simple and it rarely ever adds any depth to the original tunes, but it’s a god damn mash-up so it isn't supposed to. If you've been to any of our last parties, you’ll recognize some of these tracks.

Black Rob v. Panda Bear

 Ludacris v. Joker & Ginz  (WARNING: DUBSTEP)

Das Racist is the new Kool G Rap

/shorty said I look like a chubby Jake Gyllenhaal/
/I said this ain't Brokeback, and i'm a broke mack/
/type so hard and i typed it on a broke mac/ (book air)

So when smart white dudes talk about rap music—especially mainstream, non-social conscious artists like Weezy, Yeezy, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj—there’s a flattering refrain being sung. To the uneducated, we say (and I am perhaps guilty of this more than anyone), rap sounds like a grotesque mockery of poetry glorifying misogyny, handguns, threesomes, making scartch, et cetera. We continue on to say that certain people (Bill O’Reilly is the superlative example, but so are a lot of your average hipsters or entry-level alts; also yo shout out to that awesome HRO article this week on gutterpunks) completely miss the complex rhyming schemes, internal word play, rhythm and general flow that someone like Lil Wayne has. As for the beats that some people think sound like bass-heavy, redundant funk samples—well you just don’t get hip hop, man.
Or so we say; then comes along a group like Das Racist. I tried to compile a list of my favorite lines, but almost everything that comes out of their brains is pure gold. I imagine their genius is easier for the target of audience of Foburg to get. Not only that, but it really does make you question the purported genius of people like Lil’ Wayne—though he has a legendary flow, what he actually raps about is kind of limited. Das Racist does it all. There’s so much pure creativity here that I have to constantly stop myself from calling them the greatest rappers alive, more or less.

Shorty Said

  Rainbow in the Dark

-Article by Jeffrey Silberman


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