05 February 2011

The Social Service brings free, fresh beats from likes of Samiyam, Dibia$e and others

Samiyam, Dibiase, Computer Jay, Mophono – Feb. 12 via 12 Bar @ 608 Fulton

At this point in the game it’s pretty easy to sound cool when someone mentions experimental hip-hop or the beat scene. Practically anyone can namedrop 4 or 5 artists off of Brainfeeder and make a joke about the Gaslamp Killer’s mustache, but The Social Service is staying one step ahead—showcasing the genre’s experimental hip-hop roots and demonstrating once again that they know what the fuck is up.

Samiyam is the guy who isn't Flying Lotus
I can’t begin to understand how an experimental hip-hop track is composed, but I do know that I've listened to so much of it that when I drink enough around the right people I sound like a huge retard: “OH SO YOU KNOW THAT WAHBWAHB SOUND ON ZODIAC SHIT? YEAH WELL COMPUTER JAY USED THAT SAME SAMPLE ON EPIPHANY!!” I’m bringing this up because there might be a lot of that kind of talk at this show—it’s a history lesson on the future of electronic music, if that makes any sense.  While each artist has his own style, they have a lot in common; that is, the Adult Swim, weeded-out, lumbering golem beat that’s ever so slightly “off” mixed with moments of classic turntablism and a drums-and-right-hand-only-synth minimalism.

Dibiase (his name seems to carry a random amount of attached dollar signs and “Mr.”s) named himself after an extra-gimmicky professional wrestler from the 80s and laces his beats with video game noises from the era—which is even cooler when you know he’s been doing it for more than a decade, way before the current 8-bit craze.

Computer Jay and Mophono both have a chance to be this show’s Mono/Poly (readers will remember him  as the guy who no one went to see, but was also who this blog thought stole the show), but the titan here is, without question, Samiyam. He’s been collaborating with Flying Lotus—as FLYamSAM for at least three years now, and has also released the amazing track “Eff This,” which was a collaboration with Hudson Mohawke. He has also boosted his resume with releases on the UK's Hyperdub label--which is where Burial and Zomby among others released their tunes.
Also Dibiase

Anyway, we’ve completely neglected to tell you that the show is completely free if you “like” The Social Service’s Facebook page and RSVP to the Facebook event.

Computer Jay (note: no actual computers in this photo)

“Like” this — The Social Service’s Page: http://www.facebook.com/socialservicenola

-Article by Jeffrey Silberman

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