14 February 2011

oh to being single.

All of us at art/official suddenly have found ourselves single. Maybe its the time of year? Maybe our dashing good looks have begun to wear off? We were attempting to put together a video of ourselves talking about what we are looking for in a woman, but then I found this. It just hits the nail on the head too well not to use it. Personally I can relate with this guy.
  • "I'm not afraid to get sand on my tuxedo if your not afraid to let the wind mess up your hair a little bit when I take the top down."

    Are you out there my messy haired lady? How I pine for your affection.

    Lots of love,

    P.S. My email is saltzman88@gmail.com. You know... just in case :)


    Update: I keep getting asked for a picture.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


    KShake said...

    I'd like to take a moment, and reflect on my options...mmm...somewhere between mullet and mustache, I just might find true love. If I was a hamster.

    Well done art/official. Bravo.

    Anonymous said...

    this post is so heteronormative, ugh!

    echo. said...

    I've massive hair!


    Mr.Farty said...

    Whose that guy with you Aaron? P.S. love the blue hat

    Urethra Franklin said...

    I bet Aaron thinks he looks really hip in that picture... :)

    hdg said...

    I'm going to chew your head off about this next time we speak, dickbird.