17 October 2010

Four Loco Natives

The Local Natives, joined by The Union Line and the Ruby Suns, killed it last Monday on the LBC Quad of Tulane University. Anyone who saw me there might question my ability to recall these events, but luckily I had my trusty camera to record all the pumpkin carving and harmonizing.

They’re a band that means a lot to us at art/official, mostly because we like their music a lot, but also because we’re huge groupies sometimes and we got to speak to them before the show hang out with them after.

Here’s a quick rundown if you missed it, don’t remember it, or haven’t heard of them: Five dudes; Taylor, Kelcey, Andy, Ryan and Matt, sound a little like Vampire Weekend if you swap out Ezra Koenig’s croon for the vocal chords of the entire Fleet Foxes; but if you understand that reference then you probably know who they are so just watch the videos if you don’t.
Taylor, Kelcey, and Ryan are responsible for most of the vocal harmonies, and Andy and Matt do the bands artwork and run the blog.

They opened with Warning Sign, a track that showcases all the bands the high points, though it’s less catchy then favorites: Who Knows, Who Cares, Sun Hands, Wide Eyes, and Airplanes.

They’re going to be huge, if they aren’t already. Vampire Weekend played Tulane a few years ago at a similar point in their career and they had maybe half the amount people the Natives brought.

After Warning Sign they moved into more familiar territory with Wide Eyes and Shapeshifter.

FUN FACT: Fool’s Gold has a remix of Wide Eyes called “Eyes Wide” which features a rapper with the best name ever: Aristotle Pop-A-Bottle.

That’s part 1. Stay tuned for part 2, which including a few songs by The Ruby Suns.

Bonus Footage: Here’s The Union Line, they were great but I was busy puking in the LBC for half their set, so I don’t have much to show you.

Article and footage by: Jeff Silberman

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