04 October 2010

First Post, Stripsters!

Art/official is a group of New Orleans friends and students dedicated to
exploring and sharing our findings within the aesthetic world of art. Such
findings, contained within this website include, but are not limited to
visual art, music, and literature.

As avid lovers of art and music, we are also interested in providing
public spaces throughout the city of New Orleans for others to enjoy and
discover things previously unmapped within this city we all love so much.
Collectively, we have recognized the opportunity we share to lead and
establish a new sub-culture that is currently and generally unfamiliar to
our city, and this is our first step.

Past influences throughout our lives have inexplicably led us to one
another and as a consequence have encouraged us to collaborate in the
mission of sharing and inspiring others. A brief list of our influences
include: furry animals, dancing, guitars, that one movie about a dog that learns to
play basketball, disco, animal collective, sharing music, sharing other
things, pangloss, the national, band of bees, philosophy,trust, ben
harper, paolo coelho, story of the eye, kerouac, emerson and thoreau,
beer, wine, and wiskey, candlelit dinners, families, friends, sunglasses,
the ocean, full-frontal female nudity, insight, john goodman, the earth,
the universe, self-awareness, nature, knowledge, and compassion for all living

If there are gods, they favor us.

Check out this first playlist and check back sooooon!

Clive Tanaka y su Orquesta- Neu Chicago
Deerhunter - He Would Have Laughed
White Arrows - Coming or Going (RAC Remix)
Best Coast - Crazy For You
Julian Lynch - Just Enough
Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours
Panda Bear - Slow Motion
Women - Eyesore
Everything Everything - MY KZ, UR BF (Grum Remix)
Harlem - Gay Human Bones

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